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Version Played: Android – Price: Free (Ad supported)

There’s something to be said for games that are so simple that they can immediately be picked up and played with no pesky learning of intricate gameplay systems or even controls to get your head around.

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Rocket Mania is a game of this nature; your rocket launches, you tap the left or right side of the screen to dodge obstacles and pick up coins; hitting an obstacle instantly ends the game. Earn enough coins and you can unlock new rockets and new stages; it’s a simple but effective and addictive gameplay loop. It’s difficult, but not maddeningly so in a Flappy Bird-esque way; despite the levels being randomly generated, you do find yourself getting better the more you play.

The game has a pretty good soundtrack and some nicely implemented sound effects too. Though ad supported, you won’t find gameplay interrupted by ads and they’re not especially frequent, either – which is a relief.

There’s a few issues, unfortunately. The collision detection can sometimes feel a little off, resulting in deaths that you’ll be certain you avoided. When the obstacle type changes mid-course, it’s not always obvious that the new obstacles you’ll be facing are things that’ll kill you, rather than stuff to be collected.

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Another problem I found – that doesn’t actually hamper the gameplay, in fairness – is that there’s already quite a few games titled ‘Rocket Mania’ on the Google Play Store, which doesn’t help players to find the game and it certainly doesn’t help the devs or publisher to sell the title. It feels like checking app stores to make sure you have a unique game title should be one of the first things a developer or publisher would do; clearly, that’s not the case for this or the multiple other titles called Rocket Mania that are available to download.

Despite those few issues, I did have fun with Rocket Mania. If you’re looking for a free, arcade style mobile game that puts up a decent challenge without being infuriatingly difficult, you could certainly do a lot worse.

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