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Vasilis – PC

Coming across like an interactive version of the disturbing Eastern European cartoons – occasionally glimpsed late at night in the 80s, if you lived in the UK, on BBC 2 or Channel 4 – Vasilis is a point and click adventure set in a monochromatic city where the player, cast in the role of eponymous ex-teacher Vasilis, begins the game […]

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Car Mechanic Manager – Switch – First Impressions

Released this week on Switch is a port of mobile and PC game, Car Mechanic Manager. Things start off relatively promisingly with a reasonably amusing, brief cartoon intro; the protagonist, an excellent but unappreciated mechanic, decides to leave her job and set up her own business – fixing cars, fulfilling customer orders and managing your premises is the name of […]

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Happy Star Wars Day!

Star Wars is one of those pop culture franchises that, for me, has always been around. My birth was perfectly timed for this; I arrived in the world just a few weeks after Star Wars did – though it didn’t arrive in the UK until I was a little over six months old. Pictured below is the queue around the […]

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Tiny Dungeon – A Great Starter Tabletop RPG

A few years ago, fuelled by passionate creators on Kickstarter, I backed a number of cheap, rules-light tabletop RPGs in the hope of finally convincing family and friends to play. I’d never been able to talk them into it, as they were often intimidated by the size of rulebooks and even the relative complexity of character creation. I mean, they […]

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The Mystery of Woolley Mountain – Switch

Though I’ve not managed to get very far at this stage, The Mystery of Woolley Mountain has me in its grasp. A point and click adventure in the vein of the classic LucasArts games, The Mystery of Woolley Mountain sees players in charge of a ragtag band of adventurous scientists, aiming to rescue a group of kidnapped children from an […]

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Sonic the Hedgehog – Trailer Reaction

So the Sonic movie trailer dropped yesterday and my reaction is as follows: Wow. Really? I know we all made fun of the leaked character design a while back. There were still people who held on to the hope that maybe, just maybe that wasn’t a final design or that the look of the character in motion would redeem its […]

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My First Week of Blogging

That went quickly! I’ve been trying to keep the momentum going and post every day; it’s not been easy so far but just posting something – anything, really – is great to at least ensure I keep in practice with my writing. I’ve not had a great deal of feedback or views, but – just as I found when setting […]

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An Introduction to Euro Games

I was in my early 20s when I rediscovered the joy of board games. One of the best side effects of that was that it also reignited my passion for writing. Without having had my interest in board games back, it’s unlikely that I would be here, writing this right now. At first, it was a bit bewildering. I made […]