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Redneck Skeet Shooting – Switch

There’s a clear mobile game vibe to Redneck Skeet Shooting. This shouldn’t be entirely surprising, given that it was indeed originally released on mobile in 2016 – but the fact […]

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Gabbuchi – Switch

I’ve only just been making my way through one puzzle platformer – the rather lovely, Tetris-themed Tetra’s Escape – and another has come along for me to take a look at. Gabbuchi is a different beast altogether, however. With a very stylised, angular – yet almost hand-drawn – aesthetic, which also has a deliberately limited colour palette, Gabbuchi would have […]

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Indie Game Developers and Publishers: Can I help?

There’s a deluge of games released every single day on a huge variety of formats and digital storefronts. Though it’s great to have so much content to choose from, it presents an unfortunate problem – discoverability on digital storefronts is a major issue. Most gaming websites seem to concern themselves with only AAA games or relatively big budget indies; where […]

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Car Mechanic Manager – Switch – First Impressions

Released this week on Switch is a port of mobile and PC game, Car Mechanic Manager. Things start off relatively promisingly with a reasonably amusing, brief cartoon intro; the protagonist, an excellent but unappreciated mechanic, decides to leave her job and set up her own business – fixing cars, fulfilling customer orders and managing your premises is the name of […]

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Rollin’ Eggz

Rollin’ Eggz is a simple game of egg catching – and sometimes avoidance – for younger players, now available to download from the Nintendo Switch’s eShop. Rollin’ Eggz has three game modes; each of these modes sees your character – a Fox, initially, but a few more are available to unlock with points collected from play – holding a basket […]

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Darkest Hunters – Switch

Releasing on the 29th of April in NA, Canada & Mexico and on the 2nd of May in the EU, Australia & New Zealand, Darkest Hunters is an unusual, but compelling hybrid of RPG and puzzle game from Ultimate Games. Players take control of a character – from a pretty generous roster – and make their way through levels by […]