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Tag: Minimalist

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Video Game Review: A Winding Path (Switch)

The gentle, chilled out ambience of A Winding Path is incredibly compelling and very soothing; it’s a lovely little game that kept me utterly captivated throughout its brief length. A […]

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Review: Kolumno

Available now for Nintendo Switch (£1.79) A beautifully minimalist, vertically minded puzzler, Kolumno is a game which sees you simply attempting to drop a ball into a hole to pass […]

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Board Game Review: Nessos

I’ve got to be honest – I didn’t think I’d enjoy Nessos at all. Though it bills itself as Greek Deduction & Bluff right there on the box, the theme is next to irrelevant to the gameplay and in truth, given how it feels quite pasted on, could just as easily be Norse, Samurai or Cyberpunk themed without it making […]