Board Game Review: Bejeweled

Remember the days before Candy Crush came and stole the thunder of PopCap’s wonderfully therapeutic, gem matching puzzle series on mobiles? I do. Bejeweled was everywhere. For good reason too; having honed their casual gaming credentials and refined the formula of their most successful puzzle game for years by the time this board game hit […]

Comic Book Review: Sea of Thieves – Vol. 1

Regular readers of my blog will know of my ever so slight obsession with Rare’s Xbox/PC open world multiplayer pirate game, Sea of Thieves. In fact, in the closing months of 2020, I became so smitten with the game’s unique charm that it became my favourite game of last year. I even took my love […]

News: Sea of Thieves: Season One

Since it was launched in 2018, Sea of Thieves has seen regular content updates on a mostly monthly basis – all for free (though of course premium cosmetic items have been available for some time that go some way to helping fund the free content for everyone). It’s meant that the game has grown from […]

TV Review: WandaVision – S1/E3 Review

Moving on from the black and white 50s style shenanigans of the first two episodes – with the introduction of colour at the end of the second show – we’re into a 60s-themed milieu with episode three. As with the inventive title sequences of previous episodes, here we have another completely different opener, fitting brilliantly […]

Comic Book Review: Battletoads #1

Titan’s new Battletoads comic attempts to fill in the gaps between the trio’s last game – Battletoads Arcade in 1994 – and last year’s reboot, which made an appearance on Xbox consoles and PC. It does a good job of getting readers up to speed with the three heroes, especially as – likely because there […]

Comic Book Review: Napoleon Dynamite: Impeach Pedro

Ever since I first saw Napoleon Dynamite (on a plane coming back from E3 in 2005, laughing very loudly throughout its running time – when it was clear that no one else was watching it at the same time as me, somewhat awkwardly), I fell in love with the cast of kooky characters, the weird […]

Film Review: Wonder Woman 1984 (2020)

The first Wonder Woman film was an absolute breath of fresh air when it released in 2017; a DCEU (that’s DC, as in DC Comics, Extended Universe to those unfamiliar with the cinematic universes that seem to make up an awful lot of big films these days) movie that didn’t trade in the same sort […]

Preview: Lost Caves

Retro styled pixel art collectathon Lost Caves is launching on the 29th of January via Steam – and looks like it’s going to be an excellent adventure. With four expansive levels to explore and more than 80 unique treasures to find, it certainly looks like players will have their hands full while making their way […]

Film Review: Tron Legacy (2010)

As a video game-obsessed kid growing up in the early 80s, Tron was a film that seemed tailor made just for me. I was only 5 in 1982, but I was already dazzled by games, especially the lights, sounds and intense gameplay of arcade machines. How cool would it be to find myself inside one […]

TV Review: WandaVision – S1/E2 Review

Despite the intriguing reveal from the end of the first episode, it’s straight back into the comfortingly familiar 1950s monochromatic, white picket fenced sitcom setting for the second episode of WandaVision. This time, there’s an animated title sequence that again recalls some classics of the mid-20th century sitcom – the particular show called to mind […]

TV Review: WandaVision – S1/E1 Review

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is often accused of being a bit too cookie cutter at times, in terms of tone and content. Though the now-sprawling universe of interconnected characters is a hugely impressive achievement in terms of its continuity, it’d be refreshing if more risks were taken in terms of the type of stories that […]

Keeping Fit with Ring Fit Adventure

Having now conquered the main campaign in Ring Fit Adventure, I think I’m definitely in a position to move beyond my first impressions of the game. Prior to the first lockdown in 2020, I’d been a daily gym user for a few years. I had used a combination of regular, pretty intense workouts with a […]

TV Review: We Are The Champions

As someone who’s never been into traditional competitive sports, less mainstream types of competition really appeal to me. What I love about Netflix’s We Are The Champions is that it never patronises or makes fun of the underdogs and eccentrics that populate the events it features; even better, by the end of every episode you’ve […]

Board Game Review: A Game of Cat & Mouth

Both party games and dexterity games tend to get a bad rap from ‘serious’ board game players, but there’s definitely merit in both types of game in many cases; for example, word guessing game Codenames is a clever, accessible concept that I’d definitely place into the party game category – but it’s a game that […]

Board Game Review: Bob Ross: Happy Little Accidents

I was a little late to the party with my appreciation of Bob Ross; I don’t recall ever seeing The Joy of Painting, his wonderfully chilled out and encouraging show, until relatively recently. It wasn’t widely available in the UK until the popularity of streaming services really exploded here – and after hearing so many […]

Film Review: Bill & Ted Face the Music (2020)

After a few decades of false starts and dashed hopes, it was a huge relief when the third Bill & Ted movie went into production. Following the surprise cult hit of 1989’s Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, along with its decidedly non-heinous sequel Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey (which followed in 1991), a third Bill […]

Board Game Review: Here to Slay

Though hugely popular – in thanks due to its superb visual design and excellent production values – I’ve never really been a fan of TeeTurtle’s Unstable Unicorns. It’s a straightforward game that plays well with more casual gamers, but it feels extremely chaotic and games can last for anywhere between ten minutes to an hour […]

Film Review: Mulan (2020)

I was 21 when the original, animated Mulan movie was released; far too cool for those Disney cartoons. They’re for kids, right? It’d take until the release of Tarzan in the following year for me to actively take an interest in Disney animation again (the intoxicating blend of the Deep Canvas animation technique and the […]

TV Review: Star Trek: The Next Generation – Season One

Though it had a rock solid foundation, with classic Trek’s TV series remaining perennially popular and the Trek movies – with the Spock Trilogy, starting with Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan in 1982 – taking the saga to some very exciting places in the 80s (only falling flat at the end of the […]

Book Review: Pirates: Dead Men’s Tales

If you’ve been keeping up with my blog recently, you’ll know that I’ve been sailing the seven seas quite often in the last few months – and I’ve been increasingly drawn to the adventures of pirates. What was piracy really like though, in the Caribbean and beyond? Despite its somewhat fantastical and incredibly striking cover, […]

My Favourite Video Game of 2020

I picked up my Xbox One X in late 2019, having sat out Microsoft’s console for much of the generation thanks to its absolutely disastrous launch reveal and all of the anti-consumer nonsense the company tried to pull at the time. Put off by the TV TV TV multitasking that seemed to position the Xbox […]

My Favourite Board Games of 2020

Though last year was an absolute nightmare for many of us, being stuck at home for long periods and needing to find ways of keeping ourselves entertained meant that conditions were ideal for playing tabletop games, as long as we had company – or an internet connection for playing remotely, which led to some excellently […]


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