TV Review: WandaVision – S1/E8 Review

After the shocking, brilliantly executed conclusion to the previous episode of WandaVision, this week we get an episode comprised of little more than exposition, both in present day and flashback form. It can’t help but feel like a lot of the momentum that has been building over the course of the series is killed by […]

Comic Book Review: 2000AD Regened (Prog 2220)

The all-ages issues of 2000AD, the self-styled Galaxy’s Greatest Comic, have been a real highlight of the title’s schedule since the first issue back in 2019, with prog 2130 (though the first Regened material actually surfaced as a Free Comic Book Day special back in 2018. Much like the regular title, the Regened issues lead […]

Comic Book Review: Chariot #1

Writer Bryan Hill and artist Priscilla Petraites have crafted an intense, thrilling ride with the first issue of Chariot, a comic dripping in synthwave atmosphere. From the neon pinks evident in the colours to the design of the eponymous supercar itself, the 80s VHS action movie influences are clear to see. The opening sequence drops […]

Review: Space Trash

Available now on iOS & Android – Free (Ad supported) – By SharkEgg Games There’s a lot of free games available on both Android and Apple devices, many of which are clones of more popular games or cheekily named to confuse the unwary and rake in ad revenue before being uninstalled. It’s a problem that […]

Feature: Alone Among the Stars – Playthrough

As promised/threatened in my review of the wonderful, minimalist solo TTRPG Alone Among the Stars yesterday, I wanted to share the results of my first play of the game. Do please bear in mind that this was an entirely improvised, unpolished stream-of-consciousness writing exercise that arose from exploring a single planet in-game. For those of […]

TTRPG Review: Alone Among the Stars

Though I’ve had an interest in tabletop roleplaying games since discovering D&D in the early 80s, I’ve not played as many as I would have liked to. It’s even more difficult to get them to the table now – at least with people in the same location as you – thanks to the current pandemic. […]

Preview: Pecaminosa

I’ve been keen to get my hands on Pecaminosa, an extremely intriguing, very promising noir game, for some time. With a beautifully implemented pixel art style and a superb, era appropriate jazz soundtrack, it’s looking like a unique and unmissable action RPG experience. In Pecaminosa’s fantastical noir tale, players take on the role of a […]

TV Review: WandaVision – S1/E7 Review

Another week, another masterful and mindblowing episode of WandaVision. There’s an awful lot going on here following the events of last week’s episode, the conclusion of which saw WestView expanding and taking on new residents. This week’s sitcom style is – following the pattern we’ve seen in previous weeks – more contemporary than the Malcolm-in-the-Middle […]

Comic Book Review: The Monster’s Cleanup Guy Vol. 1 #1

Continuing my quest to shine a spotlight on lesser known indie comic books titles (thanks to Comichaus), the cool lycanthrope on the cover for The Monster’s Cleanup Guy is the reason this particular title caught my eye. You know what they say about judging books by their covers though – so let’s take a look […]

Film Review: Real Steel (2011)

It took me a long time to get around to watching Shawn Levy’s Robo-Rocky saga Real Steel, mostly because I can’t think of a single film on the director’s resumé that I’ve actually enjoyed (though the Night at the Museum films at least had the odd moment or two of genuine humour, they were pretty […]

Review: Speed Limit

Indie games paying homage to the look and feel of classic 80s arcade games are nothing new – nor are 2D pixel art games that are punishingly difficult, yet highly rewarding once you ‘git gud’. And yet Speed Limit manages to feel excitingly fresh despite the retro hardcore stylings. Not only that, but it also […]

Preview: Roots of Pacha

With a Kickstarter funding campaign days away from launch and the game’s Steam page now live (so you can add the game to your wishlist right now!), I thought it was a great time to check out the very promising Roots of Pacha, which is being developed by sibling team Soda Den – and published […]

Comic Book Review: Fresh Romance #1

Though I’d normally provide a respite from the all pervasive influence of special days, I regret to inform you that I’m jumping on the bandwagon for today’s post, with the Valentine-friendly Fresh Romance. Despite the unlimited scope that comics provide, it’s strange that so little is done in the realm of romance comics. When more […]

Comic Book Review: Miskatonic High #1

The concept for Miskatonic High is a very intriguing one – it’s teens vs the Cthulhu Mythos; The Breakfast Club meets Lovecraft. The first issue of writer Mike Shea and artist Ryan Mendoza’s series wastes no time in introducing our cast of slightly unruly schoolkids and putting them into serious danger. When the teens of […]

TV Review: WandaVision – S1/E6 Review

We’ve arrived at the 90s/early 00s in our weekly journey through the decades in WandaVision, a trip that paused for breath only once, for episode 4’s extended, gripping exposition that brilliantly placed the show’s events in a very specific time and place in the masterfully woven MCU continuity. After last week’s jawdropping cliffhanger, which opened […]

Comic Book Review: The Adventures of Pup & Grumpicorn

I’ve been on a bit of a roll with my comic book reading recently – and that looks set to continue thanks to the discovery of Comichaus – a more indie-focused comic app than Comixology (which seems to shine quite a large spotlight on mainstream titles and publishers, often to the detriment of almost everything […]

Comic Book Review: Boobage

The thing with picking up random bundles of comics is that you’ll often come across gems that may have otherwise escaped your notice entirely. Boobage fits that type of comic completely – a small press, autobiographical one-shot about writer/artist Monica Gallagher’s thoughts and feelings on life with her small breasts. It’s brief, but told with […]

Comic Book Review: Archie vs Predator

For decades, the various Archie titles – featuring a cast of ordinary teens in gently comedic situations – were seen as a bastion of family friendly, inoffensive and somewhat conservative stories in the comic book world. Debuting in 1941, the teens of Riverdale – Archie and his pals – changed very little in terms of […]

Film Review: Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019)

Though 1954’s Gojira wasn’t the first giant monster movie in existence, it did pioneer the usage of man-in-a-suit effects, which saw the eponymous creature wreaking havoc on miniature sets of cities and other landscapes. It lent the action a very tangible, physical feel and even though the movies gradually became sillier and overtly lighthearted in […]

Feature: Thoughts on Video Game Maps and Worlds

Can you remember the first time you saw an in game map that truly gave you a sense of wonder and the feeling that there was a whole world out there to explore? I can. For me, it was first seeing the pixelated head of Link, marking my position on the overworld map – rendered […]

Review: Star Wars: Squadrons (Campaign)

Priced reasonably and aimed at the multiplayer market rather than single player, Star Wars: Squadrons seemed to arrive with little fanfare last year to a response best described as muted. Though, given the controversy that greeted similarly online focused stablemate Battlefront II – thanks to its greedy, microtransaction-led focus at launch that was gradually fixed […]

TV Review: WandaVision – S1/E5 Review

The last ten years or so has seen an explosion in binge watching, fuelled by the decline of media consumed via ‘traditional’ means. Entertainment has, for the most part, not been consumed to a schedule as it has been in the past – a transformation in our lives, partly due to the way that content […]


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