Comic Book Review: Star Wars #15

War of the Bounty Hunters continues – and despite the fact that there’s at least one new chapter every week, that’s also had the effect of dragging out what is ultimately a straightforward story that should feel pretty fast-paced and linear; after all, with the story taking place in the relatively short space of time […]

Comic Book Review: Chariot #5

Arriving at high speed with the first issue’s brilliant synthwave aesthetic, Chariot immediately and effortlessly grabbed the attention of comic book fans. It recently captured the attention of Hollywood too, with director Joseph Kosinski on board to direct the feature film adaptation of the comic. Bryan Edward Hill and Priscilla Petraites really have crafted one […]

Review: Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge

Oculus Quest (and Quest 2) exclusive VR title Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge is a tie-in to the themed areas at various Disney Parks, which are set on the planet Batuu. The Star Wars themed attractions have already been featured in comics, novels and even in video games, with a Sims 4 DLC […]

Spotlight: A Woman Goes to a Private Games Industry Party

In light of the shocking revelations that have come to the fore this week about the sexist, misogynist and overall toxic work environment at Activision-Blizzard, I wanted to take the opportunity to look at the widespread sexism that has always existed within the games industry. Though these sorts of stories of abuse may seem shocking […]

Book Review: Alien: The Cold Forge (2018)

“You know, Burke, I don’t know which species is worse. You don’t see them fucking each other over for a goddamn percentage.” – Ellen Ripley, Aliens (1986) That quote has never hit harder than it does over the course of Alien: The Cold Forge, Alex White’s 2018 novel. Following the failed Hadley’s Hope mission that […]

Comic Book Review: Alien #5

Ex-security chief Gabriel Cruz gave his life to Weyland-Yutani. Even after retirement he’s been brought back by the company, in an attempt to recover a xenomorph sample from the lab facility he used to work at, as well as his own son – who’s involved in a terrorist attack on the company site. Yet Cruz’s […]

Comic Book Review: Star Wars: Darth Vader #14

With two viewpoints of the Crimson Dawn auction – where various characters who make up the real scum and villainy of the Star Wars Universe have come together to compete for ownership of the frozen-in-carbonite Han Solo – already covered in Doctor Aphra #12 and War of the Bounty Hunters #2, you’d be forgiven for […]

Shameless Self Promotion Time!

Yep, it’s that time yet again – but if I don’t shout about my writing work, who will? Today I wanted to draw your attention to the new work I’ve done for recently, with the following articles now live: Best SNES Fighting GamesBest N64 Racing GamesMost Underrated PS1 GamesMost Underrated PS2 GamesMost Underrated GameCube […]

Comic Book Review: 2000AD Sci-Fi Special 2021

Usually a repository for one-shot stories featuring 2000AD’s many science fiction-based characters, the annual Sci-Fi Special is something I’ve always appreciated even when I haven’t kept up with the weekly comic. The strips, by virtue of their one-off nature, didn’t require any investment in weeks of comics to understand what was going on, so it […]

Album Review: Sunset Neon – Starlight (2017)

A side project for the multi-genre producer/artist Blue Stahli (aka Bret Autrey), Sunset Neon is focused on synthwave, with a retro-futuristic, melodic sound that’s a great example of why the genre is currently so popular. It’s the perfect summer album; deliberately cheesy, witty lyrics and compelling hooks, shimmering synths and propulsive 80s-style guitar solos all […]

Comic Book Review: Aliens: Aftermath #1

Set 35 years after Aliens (which is quite a neat touch, given that this issue celebrates the movie’s 35th anniversary), Aliens: Aftermath sees a group of humans making their way to LV-426 to discover the truth about what happened there, given that all-powerful corporation Weyland-Yutani have covered up the details of what happened back in […]

Comic Book Review: Star Wars: War of the Bounty Hunters #2

Ever get the feeling of deja vu? I sure did after reading War of the Bounty Hunters #2, which sees Boba Fett crashing the Crimson Dawn auction – where his stolen cargo, Han Solo, is being sold to the highest bidder. Numerous nasty types from a variety of crime syndicates are also in attendance – […]

Comic Book Review: Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #12

It’s a double War of the Bounty Hunters week, with this issue of Doctor Aphra first up according to the crossover’s checklist, followed by the next issue of the crossover’s main series. Doctor Aphra and friends infiltrate Crimson Dawn’s auction of the frozen-in-carbonite Han Solo. A number of highly notable, notorious underworld figures – the […]

TV Review: Loki – S1/E6: For All Time. Always.

Spoilers for the previous episodes of Loki are below, though I’ve done my best not to spoil this week’s show. You have been warned! Has it been six weeks since the start of Loki already? I guess Owen Wilson’s Agent Mobius was right: time passes differently in the TVA. So here we are, not only […]

News: Synth Riders – Caravan Palace Music Pack

Another music pack has arrived in excellent rhythm action VR game, Synth Riders – this time, the pack of five songs (which can be purchased individually) all focus on a single band – French electronic music group Caravan Palace. Additionally, Caravan Palace’s track Wonderland comes complete with a mindblowing, unique stage that has to be […]

Review: Far Cry 3: Classic Edition

UbiSoft’s open world formula – with the most familiar and overused elements being towers revealing environments strewn with various collectables, represented by bewildering arrays of icons on map screens – has been the basis of their games ever since the first Assassin’s Creed, though it was hugely refined in the second Assassin’s Creed title and […]

Comic Book Review: Transformers/The Terminator #4

The final issue of the first ever meeting between the two sci-fi franchises comes to an end with this issue. Starscream, ever the ambitious backstabber, has a proposal for our cyborg friend from the future. Will the Terminator listen and help him ascend to ruler of the Decepticons? Will Skynet’s eventual creation of the Terminators […]

Comic Book Review: Transformers/The Terminator #3

The Decepticons head to Cyberdyne Systems to track down the source of the Terminator that is determined to wipe them out – not realising that, in 1984, they’re several years too early… Though there’s some decent action scenes and a few amusing callbacks to both Transformers and Terminator lore, some of the art lacks clarity […]

First Impressions: Sniper Elite VR

Rebellion’s Sniper Elite series of third-person shooters has always felt like a bit of a scrappy underdog – though never blessed with the budget of blockbuster AAA games, they’ve always been great fun, with an awful lot of opportunity for creative stealth and unbelievably satisfying sniping action, thanks to the ludicrously detailed, slow motion x-ray […]

Comic Book Review: Star Wars: Bounty Hunters #14

One of the least interesting strands of crossover War of the Bounty Hunters continues in Star Wars:Bounty Hunters #14. Valance – basically a cyborg Han Solo substitute who has a tenuous, unconvincing ‘friendship’ with Solo himself – is wounded by Crimson Dawn assassin Deathstick, forcing him to continue his shaky alliance with infamous bounty hunter, […]

TV Review: Loki – S1/E5: Journey Into Mystery

Spoilers for the previous episodes of Loki are below, though I’ve done my best not to spoil this week’s show. You have been warned! The title of this week’s episode of Loki – with Journey Into Mystery being the title of the Marvel comic in which Thor and the Asgardians were first brought introduced (Thor […]


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