Review: Quinterra (PC)

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of board games and, naturally, turn-based strategy games. There’s something immensely satisfying about playing a game at your own pace, measuring up your opponents and reacting to their movements and strategies with your own. Though I can’t claim to be an expert or even particularly skilled at […]

Kickstarter Spotlight: Fishkeeper

I’ve owned aquariums a few times in my life; despite the maintenance and upkeep, it’s generally very rewarding, relaxing and even therapeutic to take care of fish in a well kept, thoughtfully designed environment. There’s a wonderful ambience added to a room with an aquarium, no matter its size. It can, however, be a costly […]

TV Review: The Falcon and The Winter Soldier: S1/E4

Though it’s not seemed to be quite the water cooler phenomenon that WandaVision rapidly became – thanks to its drip-fed mystery structure – The Falcon and The Winter Soldier is still getting some traction online thanks to some meme-worthy moments (Awkwardly Dancing Zemo for one, which Marvel published an extended clip of this week – […]

TV Review: Assembled: The Making of WandaVision

As the first new MCU material since 2019’s Spider-Man: Far From Home, WandaVision had quite a tough job ahead of it – pleasing the hungry Marvel fans who’d been starved of their cinematic universe for much longer than anticipated, thanks mostly to COVID. The Falcon & The Winter Soldier should have led the Disney Plus […]

Comic Book Review: E-Ratic #2

Though new-kid-in-town Oliver Leif is struggling to fit in – somewhat painfully – his athletic older brother is making friends and turning heads left, right and centre thanks to his football skills. While their mother – who has a drinking problem – is out ‘job-hunting’, the boys go to a party – but someone seems […]

Kickstarter Spotlight: Abyssal Albion #2

Following the excellent first issue‘s successful corwdfunding campaign and release, Lovecraftian survival horror comic series Abyssal Albion has now been launched on Kickstarter. I missed the campaign for the well-written (by Thomas J. Campbell) first issue, but discovered it via Comichaus – and was immediately drawn into the brilliantly illustrated (by Wayne Lowden), unique take […]

Film Review: Godzilla vs Kong (2021)

Though it’s not their first rodeo – that honour goes to Toho’s mental 1962 monster mash-up King Kong vs Godzilla – the 2021 film is the first time these two Titans have come face to face in Legendary’s Monsterverse. Launched in 2014 with Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla, continuing with the 70s set Kong: Skull Island and […]

The Music of Dota: Dragon’s Blood: An Interview with Dino Meneghin

“I only realised how big Dota was when I went home and Googled it. I saw there was a tournament with a $35 million prize and just thought – how do I not know about this?” Dino Meneghin, the composer for Netflix’s recently released animated series, Dota: Dragon’s Blood, seemed genuinely taken aback that he […]

Comic Book Review: E-Ratic #1

Oliver is an outcast who’s just moved to a new area with his mother and older brother. His home life is difficult, but his school life is even worse – and, just to make things even harder, Oliver has a secret that he desperately needs to keep. In a world where it seems that something […]

TV Review: The Falcon and The Winter Soldier: S1/E3

Warning: here be spoilers. If you haven’t at least caught up with last week’s episode, it’s advisable that you do so before reading further! After last week’s fantastic, Zemo-centric cliffhanger, things take a swift turn for the unexpected in the third episode – with Bucky and Sam paying the Sokovian Baron a Hannibal Lecter-esque visit […]

Comic Book Review: Byte-Sized #4

Cullen Bunn and Nelson Blake II’s excellent all-ages comic reaches its conclusion with issue 4, which sees the bad robot – whose motivations for wanting humanity destroyed are, frankly, understandable – taking on the kids and his metal brethren in an epic battle. As with the rest of the series, the concluding chapter is charming […]

Review: What Comes After

When Vivi falls asleep on a busy train after a long day, she wakes up on what is seemingly the same train – but it’s on a very different journey, with a very specific type of passenger… What Comes After (already available on PC and Mac, releasing on Nintendo Switch 1st April 2021) is a […]

Film Review: Outland (1981)

This Peter Hyams-directed, Sean Connery-starring sci-fi western didn’t get a great critical or commercial reception upon release in 1981 (according to Box Office Mojo it was the 44th highest grossing film in the year it released), but has since gone on to enjoy cult status. Marshal William O’Niel (Connery) is moved to the mining base […]

Comic Book Review: Byte-Sized #3

Ben and Katy’s discovery of the robots that have invaded their home at Christmas results in a worrying discovery: one of the high tech critters is not a fan of humans. And he’s not alone… Cullen Bunn and Nelson Blake II’s series slows down a little with some much-needed exposition for the miniature metal menaces […]

Review: Casual Fling #3

Jennifer’s estranged husband refuses to stand by and see her life even further ruined by the attempt at blackmail instigated by her lover, Alex. Enlisting the help of a tech-savvy friend to assist with tracking down the possibly-pseudonymous Alex and put a stop to his dangerous games. Meanwhile, Jennifer prepares to come clean to her […]

TV Review: The Falcon and The Winter Soldier: S1/E2

With the opening episode filled with big scale action, the return of an MCU villain and the introduction of some new antagonists – The Flag Smashers – as well as an entirely new Captain America, it’s surprising that it didn’t feel overstuffed or rushed in any way. Thankfully, the episodic format allows some breathing space […]

Comic Book Review: Byte-Sized #2

I’m a little late to the party with my coverage of Byte-SIzed, but I hugely enjoyed the first issue and the second issue is just as much fun. Though AWA/Upshot seem to be building quite the portfolio of mature titles that are definitely not suitable for kids, Byte-Sized bucks the trend and is a sweet, […]

Comic Book Review: Alien #1 (Marvel)

When Dark Horse Comics continued the Alien saga with Aliens #1 back in 1988, it was an instant hit with fans hungry to see where the story went after the conclusion of James Cameron’s movie. This was, of course, a few years before the divisive Alien3 hit the big screen – and the events of […]

Rare Games: New Articles Now Live!

It’s rare that I have the confidence to do something like this – I find it can quite often come across as shameless, sometimes arrogant, self-promotion – but I’ve done some work for the awesome guys over on Retro Dodo and wanted to spread the word. I’ve written three articles for them so far – […]

Preview: Danger Scavenger

Launching this week on Nintendo Switch (as well as leaving early access on PC and Atari VCS), Forever Entertainment’s Danger Scavenger is a cyberpunk-themed roguelike shooter with a seriously cool visual style and superb synth-based soundtrack. It’s a neat throwback to classic top-down shooters with some excellent graphical flourishes. A co-op mode adds to the […]

News: Bethesda on Game Pass

It’s been a pretty eventful couple of weeks for Microsoft’s subscription service, with the company’s Bethesda deal finally being approved by the EU – which has resulted in 20 of the company’s games being added to Game Pass. There’s some truly iconic titles now available for the Xbox subscription service, which is a great reminder […]


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