With the Evercade EXP – and even its Limited Edition variant, the entire first shipment of which, in the UK, ended up being stolen (!) – now in the hands of gamers, it’s proving itself to be a worthy, fully featured and much improved successor to the original handheld.

The Evercade VS – the home console, multiplayer capable version of the console – featured the ability to enter secret codes or combine cartridges to unlock hidden games and other fun surprises.

Though of course it’s not possible to unlock games on the handheld Evercade EXP by entering multiple cartridges, it does still have the ability to unlock hidden games via the usage of codes.

How is this done? Let’s take a look!

How to Unlock Hidden Games on the Evercade EXP

Firstly, turn on your Evercade EXP without a cartridge in the slot. If you want to unlock all five game codes, the easiest and quickest way to do this is with no cartridge inserted!

Some games unlock by entering a code on the Secret menu option, accessed via the Settings screen on your console. Others can unlock with button and/or d-pad combinations.

Let’s take a look at all of the hidden games you can unlock via different means on the Evercade EXP – and how you can get them!

Secret Menu Code Unlocks

Choose the Settings option (as shown below) on the main screen of the Evercade EXP. Then head all the way to the bottom to the ‘Secret’ option.

This will then bring up a virtual keyboard – enter the codes as below to unlock the hidden games!

Gribbly’s Day Out (C64)

Just type GRIBBLYGROBBLY on the keyboard, accessed via the Secret menu option.

Kubo 1&2 (NES)

Minimalist homebrew titles Kubo 1&2 can be found by entering SEIJIWASHERE on the Secret menu.

Button Combo Code Unlocks

Head to the Evercade cartridge symbol on the console’s main screen; it’s two options above the Settings option. Press this, then – providing you don’t have a cartridge inserted – you can use the button combos listed below to unlock more hidden games!

Spacey McRacey (NES)

Just press L1+R1+d-pad down on the main screen simultaneously (with no cartridge inserted) to unlock this 8-bit title!


For this NES title, with no cartridge inserted just press L1+R1+d-pad up on the main screen simultaneously!

Gotris (Sega Master System)

Is this the only Master System game available on Evercade? It just might currently be! With one cartridge inserted, press L2, R2 and Select simultaneously to unlock this Go/Tetris mashup!

Can I keep these games on the Evercade EXP?

Yes! Unlike the Evercade VS hidden games – which require unlocking every time you load the console – the Evercade EXP stores your unlocked hidden games in a new section on the EXP menu.

Just below your built-in selection of Capcom games, there’s a ‘Hidden Games’ option. This will tell you how many hidden games you’ve unlocked out of 5; if you’ve followed the above instructions, you should have five entirely new (and secret!) games to play on your Evercade EXP, adding to the 18 already built-in!

Are there more secrets?

There could be – but the above is the currently complete list of actual games, whereas other secrets you may stumble upon are odd extras such as messages or pictures.

Once you have unlocked all of the games listed above, your Hidden Games option will show ‘5 out of 5 Games Unlocked’ – so this is the complete list of hidden games available on the Evercade EXP for now.

Have fun – and do let me know if you happen to find anything else hidden on your Evercade console(s)!

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