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Category: Alien

Alien 2

It Came From The Bargain Bin – 7: Blacksite

Version Played: Xbox 360Current CEX Price: £1 Ostensibly a continuation/spin-off of ancient lightgun game Area 51 – as well as a sort-of continuation of the largely forgotten PS2/Xbox game, also […]

80s 0

Alien Syndrome – Wii

I’ve discovered a new pastime: combing through the Wii section of second hand game shops for the cheapest titles I can find – in the hope that I can find hidden gems among the shovelware. I’ve found some games for £1-£2 that have been surprisingly good; excellent, even. Even when they aren’t, there’s usually enough of interest to justify playing […]

Alien 1

It’s Alien Day!

If you’re not sure why, here’s the explanation: in Aliens, the planet that the majority of the action takes place on is known as LV-426 – and, using US date […]