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Happy New Year – Goodbye 2022, Hello 2023!

It being the final day of 2022, it felt like a good opportunity to take a very rare breather and have a quick look at how things have gone this […]

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Preview: WoodZone

Though it unfortunately failed to reach its funding target on Kickstarter recently, WoodZone by DeSand Game Studios continues to show a lot of promise. It’s a unique game that combines […]

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Review: Hot Shot Burn

Available from 1st October 2020 on Nintendo Switch – Published by: Forever Entertainment Local multiplayer games have been making a resurgence after a good few years in the wilderness and the Switch, with its portability and bundled Joy-Con controllers that guarantee instant two player action with so many games, is the perfect home for local multiplayer fun. Hot Shot Burn […]

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Blackout Tuesday

Though I can’t begin to understand, I can listen. I can empathise. I can stand in solidarity with other human beings who experience hate, disadvantage, discrimination and even danger simply because of the colour of their skin. This shouldn’t be an issue in 2020. It shouldn’t have been an issue, period. While people are hurting and dying just for their […]

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Board Game Review: Exit: The Mysterious Museum

Every time I write about a game in the Exit: The Game series of escape-room-at-home type experiences, I’m setting myself a ridiculous challenge. How on earth do I talk about it without spoiling the contents or giving away what clever little puzzles lay within this particular box of fiendish challenges? If you’ve read my blog for a while, you’ll know […]