Mr Blaster – Out now on Switch ($1.99/£1.79) – Published by Forever Entertainment

I first encountered the turn-based chaos of Worms way back in the mid-90s on the PlayStation and spent countless hours destroying – and being destroyed by – my mates, wielding and unleashing ridiculous weapons. It was hilarious – and the Worms series has been responsible for some of the best couch multiplayer moments I’ve ever had.

Mr Blaster has a similarly turn-based combat mechanic, though it’s a lot more basic than Worms (as you may expect, given its very low price). On your turn, you’ll fire your weapon from your half of a planet, floating and moving improbably in space, in an effort to hit your enemy – also on their own floating, moving semi-sphere.

On their turn, your enemies will do the same – use their unique weapon (determined by the character chosen) to try and take you out; the winner is the last weirdo standing.

The characters really are an odd bunch; their limbs all seem oddly thin and long, for one thing – though this does accentuate the briefly amusing ragdoll physics that kick in after every successful hit.

The single player mode is pretty thin and won’t keep you occupied for long, but the real appeal of Mr Blaster is in the multiplayer, where you can shoot the face off a friend in a mildly amusing 2-player battle.

Though very basic and lacking in content, the multiplayer is definitely fun and there’s definitely some appeal here. There’s a nicely minimalist visual style and it’s very straightforward to pick up and play, even for total newcomers.

The lack of content is reflected in the price, which I think is fair if you intend to have something new to play with your friends; it’s not entirely family friendly, however, given that there’s some cartoony 2D gore which can see your character’s skull and skeleton exposed after successful hits. It’s not exactly mature content, given the cartoony nature of it, but it’s definitely something to be aware of if you have younger players in the family.

There’s not much beyond the single mechanic of lining up a shot and releasing it, beyond a few obstacles, varying effects of weapons (per character) and the occasional gravitational pull on your shot. Though the price is very low, if you’re looking for a primarily single player experience, it’s not a game that I’d recommend – there’s just not enough content here to justify a purchase for a lone player, unfortunately. That said – and especially with such a low price – you can get some decent mileage out of the multiplayer mode, so if you’re looking for something simple to play with a friend that isn’t too taxing, you could do worse than Mr Blaster.

Many thanks to Forever Entertainment for providing the Mr Blaster review code.

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  1. This game looks to have some fun elements and could potentially be a good two player for me and the youngins so might gee it s blast! See what I did there 😉 thanks mate for the review

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