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Despite not having a chance to play D&D in the last few years, I’ve been a fan for a very long time (since the early 80s, in fact – and I got hold of my very own D&D red box on my 8th birthday!). The Fifth Edition of D&D (referred to as 5e), released in 2014, was a long overdue return to form for Dungeons and Dragons – and has proven to be the shot in the arm that the system desperately needed after a few missteps over the years.

A wealth of supplemental material from Wizards of the Coast and other publishers has been released for the system, with some absolutely amazing products for a wide variety of tastes becoming available.

One such product that’s caught my eye is Corpus Malicious – The Codex of Evil, the wonderfully titled, 400 page supplement for evil players and/or DMs, which is currently seeking backers on Kickstarter.

From its strikingly beautiful cover to the wonderful illustrations within – at least, those I’ve seen so far – Corpus Malicious looks to be a fantastic addition to any D&D player’s library.

One of the features I’m most intrigued by is the addition of rules for Degeneration, intended to make the corruption of an evil alignment clearer and more meaningful. It’s a wonderful, thematically appropriate and appealing set of rules that change your character physically and mentally depending on how evil you are in a number of areas – and not always in a positive way.

Another aspect I’m particularly keen on are deeper rules for vampirism and lycanthropy than those provided in the core D&D rules – being a big fan of vampires and werewolves, this is most definitely right up my dark alley.

Enticingly, there are even rules for creating an economy based on the trading of souls – there’s an awful lot here. Three new races (including Fallen Angels), five new backgrounds (with Murderer and Cultist are among those), thirty five new monsters and loads more besides. It seems like an incredibly complete and well-thought out package.

There’s even an evil setting supplement book: Mindabar – The City of Malice, which is available as an extra alongside Corpus Malicious itself.

I’m also pleased to report that the Kickstarter campaign reached its funding goal just 20 hours after launch – though there are stretch goals in place too. You can also download a 50-page demo booklet here if you’re still looking for a more concrete feel for the book’s contents.

If D&D 5e is your thing and you’re looking for a way to inject some serious evil into your campaign, with or without your players turning to the dark side, Corpus Malicious looks like it’ll be the book for you.

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