Prompted by a number of conversations on Twitter regarding all of the absolutely insane ‘Simulator’ games that are now available to play – and, um, ‘enjoy’ – I wanted to take a look at one of the craziest of them all.

So here we are with Shower With Your Dad Simulator 2015 (it seems we’ve been spared further annual entries since it was released). Now here’s the funny thing – I didn’t go out and get hold of this game especially because of these recent Twitter chats. In fact, because I already have a fondness for odd indie games, I’ve had Shower With Your Dad Simulator 2015 in my Steam library since it was released.

So what exactly is this game about? In basic terms, it’s a frantic, arcade-style game in which your child has to find his naked Dad (from a choice of three naked Dads – you choose your child/Dad pairing before the game begins)1 in the showers. Control is simple – either use the arrow keys or control pad to move the kid; that’s it. The pace becomes increasingly fast, however – and items collected either intentionally or accidentally will hinder you in your mission to shower with your Dad. To add even further to the difficulty, eventually you’ll have to contend with only having a brief look at the Dads before a shower curtain drops in front of all three of them.

Though it could potentially be a somewhat controversial and problematic premise, it’s played entirely for innocent laughs; the game is full of Dad-related puns (even the achievements feature the Dad-related humour), pixelated genitalia and even ‘you chose the wrong Dad’ in a surprising number of languages. Groan-inducing Dad jokes appear on loading screens too.

The core gameplay is surprisingly addictive and there’s even a few extra modes to keep things a little more interesting. It’s hardly the most content-rich or compelling game in the world, but at a price of 79p – and considering the whole game is a silly, sort-of NSFW joke – a lot more effort has gone into its creation than you may expect. Even the Steam community seem to have got in on the fun – many of the game’s user reviews are absolutely hilarious.

It’s not really a Simulator – more a parody of one – but if the general premise and 8-bit penises don’t upset or offend you, I’d recommend checking it out for a laugh; it’s a surprisingly fun and funny little game.

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  1. Ooo dear my friend, just finished reading this one, a bit of a shocker lol o can see what they where going for though, just a bit of a laugh. Thanks for reviewing this one buddy, couldn’t have been easy 🤣🤜🤛

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