As a bonus to pick you up after all yesterday’s disappointing gaming news, how about checking out Bad Lip Reading on YouTube?

I am so late to the party for this. Though I’d seen a Bad Lip Reading video before – Redneck Avengers – and thought it was both clever and hilarious, I hadn’t stumbled upon their songs; one of my colleagues, knowing that I’m a Star Wars fan (well, it’s hardly a secret!) asked if I’d seen ‘My Stick’ by Bad Lip Reading.

I hadn’t. Now I most definitely have, though – and I can’t stop listening to it. Not only that, but I seem to have fallen down the Bad Lip Reading rabbit hole – mostly for their other amazing Star Wars videos. Though they’ve also covered other shows/films, the fact that I’m so familiar with the dialogue in the Star Wars movies makes them all the funnier, but it’s not just that. The songs themselves are brilliantly produced. Apparently, the person behind Bad Lip Reading is an anonymous music producer, which explains why they’re such great songs, even aside from the amusing nature of them – and the voices are hilarious pastiches of the real characters (Yoda sounds not unlike Herbert from Family Guy, which is pretty funny in itself). What’s most impressive is that, apparently, at first the producer himself who provides every single character’s voice – more recently, he’s got some surprising celebrity names on board to provide voices in his videos too (including Mark Hamill voicing Han Solo in ‘The Force Awakens’).

They’re hugely popular videos, as you can see by the view count on each of them. Somehow, they passed me by – but I’ve more than made up for that wasted time since I discovered them. They’re funny, they’re catchy and I can’t stop watching or singing them. My internal jukebox has been set to Bad Lip Reading constantly since I discovered them and I thought it’d be a great idea to collect my favourite videos together for you lovely readers in one place.

It’s Not A Moon

I love the 70s pop style of this one – plus, the back and forth between Leia and Tarkin here is absolutely priceless.

Hostiles on the Hill

As one of my favourite scenes in the entire saga, from my favourite movie in the saga (and the very first film I remember seeing on the big screen – because I’m old) I am very familiar with every last word of dialogue from the Battle of Hoth sequence – which makes this funky rap Bad Lip Reading of the scene so much funnier. I love Dack and Wedge responding to Luke (the barbecue lines though – harsh! Poor Dack).

Seagulls (Stop It Now!)

The first of the two Yoda-themed videos on the list: – this one is absolutely brilliant (it’s worth watching for ‘that log had a child’ alone, though there’s a lot more here than just that). I’m glad it got a ‘sequel’ too!

My Stick

The one that started it all for me and the latest Bad Lip Reading video; this one has a reference to Seagulls, as well as lots of stick based hilarity. This song is better than bacon.

There’s more of course. I’d urge you to check out the Bad Lip Reading YouTube channel for more Star Wars-related goodness, as well as other videos covering stuff like The Walking Dead and Stranger Things, to name two examples. I’m totally addicted to their videos at the moment; they’re hilarious and impressively well done. Awesome stuff!

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