Super Co-op Adventure

Available now on PC ( – Price: Pay-What-You-Want

If you’ve been reading my articles for a while, you’ll know that I love finding little known, clever indie titles and trying to give them a bit of exposure (and if you’re a new reader, welcome – I hope you like what you find on my site!).

Super Co-Op Adventure is one of those very clever indie titles with a cute premise; it’s a puzzle platformer featuring two little characters trying to escape a glitching computer world, each with their own abilities. One is small, can fit through little gaps and be used as a platform for the other character – who can jump, unlike the little one. Various special pads feature in the game world too, causing effects in the game world such as teleporting or moving blocks in order to progress.

The game can be played, as you’d expect, by two players working together. However, with a smartly implemented control scheme it can also be played in single player mode, with one player taking control of both characters simultaneously.

It’s cute, challenging and feels pretty unique – plus, it’s available on a Pay-What-You-Want basis right now from Super Co-Op Adventure is well worth trying out, especially given that you can name your price – and I’d absolutely recommend supporting the very talented developers of the game if you do give it a spin.

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