Available from 1st October 2020 on Nintendo Switch – Published by: Forever Entertainment

Local multiplayer games have been making a resurgence after a good few years in the wilderness and the Switch, with its portability and bundled Joy-Con controllers that guarantee instant two player action with so many games, is the perfect home for local multiplayer fun.

Hot Shot Burn is the latest local multiplayer game to grace Nintendo’s popular console. It’s a ruthless top-down arena shooter in which players race to be the last character standing, with combinations of up to 4 local and online players at a time being able to compete.

It’s incredibly easy to pick up and play, with just a few buttons to get to grips with: shooting and your character’s special power are all you’ll need. It’s fast paced, with rounds often being decided in seconds – bullets are absolutely lethal and unless you have a shield, one hit kills (in a surprisingly gory, albeit cartoonish, manner). Though there’s often a mad scramble for power ups, even these can be shot by players who aren’t going to make it to them in time, making it even more risky to go for them.

Different characters have weapons with varying numbers of shots before they have to reload, as well as bullets which can travel at varying ranges. Though there’s not a huge amount of characters on offer, their combat abilities and special powers are all varied enough that you’ll find a few favourites to suit your own playstyle.

It’s got wonderfully stylish cartoon visuals, a nicely varied set of characters (each with a unique power that sets them apart) and a decent amount of arenas. You’ll unlock more characters, skins and even arenas through play, with quite a bit to discover as you go. Some of the arenas change the rules of engagement enough to keep the odds a little more even, such as the arena which features a deadly electric floor in the centre, one with walls that reflect your shots or portals that teleport you to different sections of the arena.

One of the strongest aspects – and something that really sets Hot Shot Burn apart – is the incredible soundtrack. I was amazed during play to hear the very recognisable Dreams of Neo-Tokyo (Dance with the Dead Remix) by Scandroid – and upon further investigation of the credits I discovered that the entire soundtrack is licensed, with some absolutely brilliant synthwave tunes accompanying the frantic arena battling you’ll be taking part in.

Hot Shot Burn is a superb game; though not the deepest experience, the core gameplay loop is so incredibly addictive – and the audiovisual experience so polished – that you’ll have an absolute blast, either locally or online (or even both at the same time!). Highly recommended.

Many thanks to Forever Entertainment for providing a copy of Hot Shot Burn for review purposes.

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