Format Played: Xbox 360

Current CEX Price: £2.50

Yesterday, I covered entertainingly bonkers, Vin Diesel-starring, open-world GTA-wannabe The Wheelman. My conclusion? Definitely worth a try at the current price.

Given that today’s game, Fairytale Fights, is 2.5 times the current cost of The Wheelman, is it still going to be a game I recommend? Let’s find out…

Once upon a time, there was a publisher named PlayLogic. Formed in 2002, they released a number of their own titles, but also worked with Sony to develop games such as EyePet.

They unfortunately went bankrupt in 2010, though the company lives on (pretty much in name only) as a mobile/gambling game-focused organisation.

Before then, towards the end of 2009, they released Fairytale Fights on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. It’s an odd concoction; despite the Rabbids-esque design of the main characters, the bold, colourful visuals and the slapstick, cheerfully rude humour in both cut scenes and in-game, Fairytale Fights is most definitely not for kids – and that’s mostly because of one very prominently used liquid.

Blood. Absolute buckets of the stuff, everywhere. The box promises that you’ll be able to ‘spill over 10,000 gallons of blood and slide through multiple blood pools’. Though the volume claim seems a tad spurious (how on Earth do you measure gallons of virtual blood accurately?), the blood spilled during play does remain on the stage, with your character able to slide and skid through built-up puddles of it.

I’m getting ahead of myself a bit here, however. Fairytale Fights sees you choosing a famous fairytale character – Snow White, Jack (of ‘and the Beanstalk’ fame), Red Riding Hood or the Naked Emperor – who’s looking to gain fame and fortune by working their way through the Fairytale Kingdom, causing gory mayhem as they go. The game is essentially a linear 3D platformer with hack and slash elements, the main selling point being the mashup of cutesy graphics and the aforementioned gore.

Though the box art is unappealing and the blurb on the packaging does terrible job of selling the game, once loaded and in action it’s clear that the visuals are lovely and have held up relatively well in the 10 years since the game was released. The gameplay is a little repetitive, with some awkward platforming mostly caused by the fixed camera angles throughout the game. Combat is straightforward, with attacking handled by nudging the right stick towards your target; this give the game a sort of twin-stick shooter feel, albeit one that mostly plays out with melee weapons (guns are available, though they’re not that common and ammo is very limited).

Slicing and dicing bad guys doesn’t get old, despite the repetition; there are bosses dotted throughout the levels too, which serve to break up the proceedings and offer a different challenge. The previously mentioned awkward platforming that you’ll encounter in some sections does cause some frustration, but ultimately I do think that Fairytale Fights feels like a unique experience and one that’s worth checking out if you can find it for a few quid or less.

Bargain bin verdict? Worth a try, for sure. The few issues the game has won’t stop you from having a giggle at the cleverly named characters, humourous cartoon style and deliberately OTT – but still cartoony – gore. An oddity, for sure, but not a bad one for a budget purchase.

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