As part of RoseTintedSpectrum’s proposed second series of YouTube videos – based around the concept of various contributors from the video game community, creating video game concepts, artwork and the like based on AI-generated video game titles – I was given the title ‘Streets of Superstition’.

The first series was based around everyone creating a cover for a Spectrum game (mine was ‘Molly and Jacky’s Journey to Hollywood’), but RTS decided to open the concept up for the second series – and allow the community to decide where their allocated title would work best; any era of console or computer they deemed fit.

So for mine, I designed a NES cover, wrote the blurb and even created an excerpt for the novel that the game was supposedly based on.

Sadly, there wasn’t enough interest from the community for the second series to go ahead, but why let my unusually creative (for me) work go unseen, eh?

So here’s my attempt at a NES cover for Streets of Superstition:

I had a lot of time to come up with this – at least in comparison to the shorter timescale for my contribution to the first season – and made sure that I put together something a lot more in-depth than I did the first time. Of course, having seen what everyone else came up with in the first series, I was determined to up my game!

As a special ‘treat’, here’s the deliberately cheesy, pulp-styled excerpt from the Streets of Superstition novel:

It had already been a long night – and Mike was ready to turn in. The night, however, had other ideas. 

An unholy screech from the alleyway below his cheap rented office caught his attention, dragging him away from the dregs of the whiskey on his desk. 

If only he hadn’t looked. 

Through the grating of the fire escape he saw a woman in red, backed up against the wall with what seemed to be a large black cat screeching at her. He sighed, downed the remaining drops of liquor and climbed out onto the metal steps. 

His cheap tie flapping in the breeze, he leaned over the railing and shouted down towards the woman. 

“You OK, lady?” 

She looked up at him with pleading eyes ringed with liner and shook her head weakly. 

As Mike bolted down the steps, he could hear screeches and screams – until a giant green glow blindingly flashed in front of his eyes and disappeared as quickly and suddenly as it had arrived. 

When he jumped off the ladder to the dark, wet ground of the alley, both the woman and whatever it was that had cornered her had both gone. Only a card remained, floating in a puddle of rainwater. 

He leaned down and picked it up, shaking it off as he brought it closer to his face. ‘MIKE ARMITAGE, PI’, it read in bold lettering across the centre of the card; his office address and phone number displayed beneath his name. 

He turned it over, seeing his own familiar slogan right where he expected it to be: ‘NO CASE TOO WEIRD’, it said – but even so, this was already one of the weirdest cases he had ever been a part of. 

She was clearly on her way to him when she was chased into the alleyway. By who? Or probably more accurately, by what? And who was she?

“Well, if I wanna get paid,” Mike thought, “I’m going to have to find out.” Cracking his knuckles and heading out of the alleyway, he rolled up his shirt sleeves, tightened his hat and stepped out onto the street. For Mike, it was time to hit the Streets…of Superstition.

So there you have it.

Do please check out the first series of videos, in which RTS and Stu the Brummie brilliantly cover everyone’s hard work on the project – they’re well worth your time.

For starters, here’s the opening episode:

And please do go and check out RoseTintedSpectrum’s YouTube channel in general. It’s an absolute bloody treasure trove of gaming wit and hilarity that you need in your life.

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