The latest cartridges for Blaze’s superb Evercade console have been announced.

First up, we have a second collection of Intellivision titles, following the relatively recent release of Intellivision Collection 1, which belatedly – being the victim of pandemic-related shipping delays – arrived shortly before Christmas last year.

Though the first cartridge featured 12 excellent games from the Intellivision’s library – none of which I’d ever played before, having never even seen an Intellivision in person, let alone played on one – the second collection has another selection of 12 games that look to reach the high bar set by the first. Ambitious RPGs, shoot ’em ups, racing games and even a board game make the cut this time around – with the list of titles as follows:

  • Tower of Doom
  • Cloudy Mountain
  • Hover Force
  • Star Strike
  • Vectron
  • Auto Racing
  • Stadium Mud Buggies
  • Motocross
  • Mountain Madness Super Pro Skiing
  • Super Pro Decathlon
  • Sharp Shot
  • Reversi

Though they may look primitive by modern standards – even for retro games, seeing as these titles go way back to near enough the dawn of home console gaming – the first collection stood strong on straightforward, pick-up-and-play design that’s still pretty addictive, and this second cartridge will likely scratch the same itch, albeit with a wider and perhaps more ambitious selection of titles. You can see the full trailer for Intellivision Collection 2 below:

Next up we have the Morphcat Games Collection 1 – and this is another of those cartridges where I feel the Evercade truly provides an edge over simply using retro focused, but illicit handhelds. That’s because the titles included aren’t actual old games, but new games designed for and on retro hardware by indie studios (much like the titles found on the Mega Cat and Indie Heroes Evercade cartridges). It gives gamers a convenient way to play these games without having to invest in different hardware or track down each game individually.

Though it’s advertised as featuring just three games – 4-player platform antics in Micro Mages, unique single player platformer Böbl and flight-based platformer Spacegulls – there are also two bonuses included: a standalone expansion for Micro Mages (Micro Mages: Second Quest) and a demo which Morphcat created way back in 2011: Super Bat Puncher. All look and feel exactly like classic NES titles – and they all look like great fun too. Micro Mages in particular will be a great fit for the Evercade VS, given its four player simultaneous local multiplayer mode.

Check out the full trailer for Morphcat Games Collection 1 below:

Pre-orders for both cartridges go live on March 31st, with release planned for May 31st 2022.

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