With everyone talking about the Nintendo Direct at the moment, I thought I’d do what I normally do – and focus on something completely different.

Ultimate Games have been very supportive of my work even before I had a blog; I reached out to them to review Godly Corp – a curious little game with deliberately difficult controls, that answers the question ‘What if Cthulhu worked in an office?’ – and they’ve been very kind in providing me with further game keys, both for review and for giveaway, ever since.

What’s surprised me most about this constant support, even of giveaway codes, is that my coverage is appreciated, regardless of whether or not my articles are positive. I’ve been able to give my honest, unfiltered verdicts in every single instance – even when that verdict has been overwhelmingly negative (hello, Go Fishing 3D!).

Due to this support, I wanted to draw attention to the fact that Ultimate Games currently have a linewide sale on their games on Steam; of the ones I’ve played, I wanted to highlight those that were most deserving of your time – especially as these games may well have escaped your notice. (Please note: The sale ends on the 12th of September. Further note: The links below will take you to my reviews, but they’re of the Switch versions rather than those on PC; however, there should be little difference between formats.)

Darkest Hunters – 90% off

First up, an intriguing colour-matching puzzle game/RPG hybrid with some really interesting ideas. It could do with more of a tutorial – especially as the game itself is an unusual, not entirely intuitive blend of genres – but I found it to be an interesting experience when I played it for review. At 90% off, it’s well worth a try.

Godly Corp – 60% off

If you’re a Lovecraft fan who also has an interest in bizarre video game concepts, congratulations – Godly Corp is for you. You control an unwieldy and newly employed tentacled creature, trying your best to control and contain lots of different disasters at once; it’s very far from perfect, but there’s some fun to be had – even if the deliberately difficult controls do frustrate a little too much. My review can be found here.

Catch a Duck – 20% off

Utterly charming, amusing fox vs nature puzzle game that’s only recently released. It has a cute, lo-fi animated style and some neat gameplay that sees you making full use of the food chain to pit predators vs prey, with you hopefully escaping notice along the way! Lovely audio, visual and gameplay touches abound – though it may be a short game, it’s a sweet one, as I found when I covered it.

Ultimate Fishing Simulator – 55% off (also available in a bundle with DLC, also at 55% off)

I haven’t played Ultimate Fishing Simulator myself, but with a decent discount and an 84% positive rating from over 1500 user reviews on Steam, I thought it was worth a mention. A VR-specific version is also available and is currently on sale, albeit with a lesser discount than the original game.

There are other games in their sale; I’m reluctant, however – beyond Ultimate Fishing Simulator, which seems like a sure bet for you fishing game fans out there (and I am one, despite my awful experience with a certain Ultimate Games fishing title) – to blindly recommend anything I’ve yet to play for myself. There’s definitely more titles that may be of interest, however. Go check them out and support Ultimate Games if you can; smaller publishers with interesting line-ups – that rarely play it safe – definitely deserve a bit of attention.

Talking of not playing it safe, Ultimate Games are going to be responsible for publishing two very controversial games next year – one of which was the subject of my most popular blog post (though it’s been usurped since, thankfully). My other, less popular blog post for the – arguably – less controversial game, can be found here.

If you do pick up any games in the current sale, let me know your thoughts in the comments below once you’ve played them!

If you’ve enjoyed reading this – or any of my other content – it’d be much appreciated if you’re able to share this article via social media. I’d also be forever grateful if you’re able to support me via: Ko-Fi.com/geekmid – all of my work is provided for free and I earn no income from the blog, so any donations are gratefully received and assist me in keeping my writing dream alive. Above all else though, thanks for reading – I truly appreciate it!


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