When the Evercade VS was announced back in March of 2021, I must admit that I struggled to see the point of it.

With the Evercade ecosystem being based around its handheld, the concept of a home system that played the same cartridges – while, admittedly, ensuring that games could finally be played in multiplayer modes – seemed almost fruitless.

Yet despite this initial scepticism, numerous clever design features and a very affordable price point won me over so completely that the VS is now, without doubt, my favourite way to play Evercade games.

In fact, despite the numerous other devices I also own, the Evercade VS has become my go to console for retro gaming altogether. It’s a wonderful console to game on.

One of the best features – which, again, I initially failed to see the benefit of – the Evercade VS has is the dual cartridge slots. Not only does this allow you to have access to a much bigger and, if you want, very varied (perhaps even mismatched) collections of games to play from at any time – but also, it can unlock hidden games too.

That’s right – certain combinations of cartridges, inserted into the Evercade at the same time, will unlock otherwise completely inaccessible, unavailable and, importantly, full games to play! Though not the only way to unlock free, secret games on the VS, it is definitely the most fun way to find these hidden titles.

Usually, the combination of a first and second collection by the same publisher will do the trick, as you’ll see. Some games unlock by entering a code on the Secret menu option, accessed via the Settings screen on your console. Still more can unlock with button and/or d-pad combinations.

Let’s take a look at all of the secret games you can unlock via different means on the Evercade VS – and how you can get them!

Cartridge Combo Unlocks

Dark Chambers (Atari 7800)

Gauntlet-esque Dark Chambers is a fun game on the Atari 2600 – but the Atari 7800 version absolutely blows it out of the water. The way to access the superior version is simple: it’ll unlock automatically if you have Atari Collection 1 and Atari Collection 2 inserted at the same time!

Raid on Tricity: Second Wave (Atari Lynx)

Just as with Dark Chambers, the way to unlock Lynx title Raid on Tricity: Second Wave is to insert two Atari collections at the same time – in this instance, of course, it’s Atari Lynx Collection 1 and Atari Lynx Collection 2 that you’ll need to insert.

Pyramids of Ra (Game Boy)

Underrated, forgotten Game Boy puzzler Pyramids of Ra is unlocked when you insert Piko Interactive Collection 1 and Piko Interactive Collection 2 into your Evercade VS.

Zombie Madness (Intellivision)

Modern ‘retro’ title Zombie Madness – which I’ve found to be ridiculously challenging – is available when you have Intellivision Collection 1 and Intellivision Collection 2 in the Evercade VS.

Bang! (Arcade)

Though hardly the ideal format for it, given that it’s an arcade lightgun game, we’re not going to complain about getting Bang! for free, right? All you need to do is have Gaelco Arcade 1 and Gaelco Arcade 2 inserted in your Evercade VS!

Twin Brats (Arcade)

Weirdly old school when it was released in 1995, Twin Brats is an arcade game that felt incredibly dated back then – but it’s right at home amongst a selection of retro games in the current era! To gain access to Twin Brats, just make sure you have Piko Collection 1 and Gaelco Arcade 1 in the console!

Arkade Rush (NES)

Another modern title, Arkade Rush is a four player simultaneous game originally released for the NES. You can play it yourself by using the combination of Gaelco Arcade 1 and Indie Heroes Collection 1 in your Evercade VS.

Secret Menu Code Unlocks

Gribbly’s Day Out (C64)

Just type GRIBBLYGROBBLY in on the Secret menu option, accessed via the Settings on the Evercade VS.

Kubo 1&2 (NES)

Minimalist homebrew titles Kubo 1&2 can be found by entering SEIJIWASHERE on the Secret menu.

Button Combo Code Unlocks

Hummingz (Evercade)

A Centipede-esque game, this is playing natively on the Evercade, bypassing emulation entirely! To unlock Hummingz, press buttons in the following sequence on the main screen: L2, L2, R2, R2, L1, L1, R1, R1.

Fairy Fire – Defender of the Fairies

This modern, Defender-influenced title is incredibly easy to unlock: just press the Menu button ten times when on the main menu, with no cartridge inserted.

Spacey McRacey (NES)

Just press L1+R1+d-pad down on the main screen simultaneously (with no cartridge inserted) to unlock this 8-bit title!


For this NES title, with no cartridge inserted just press L1+R1+d-pad up on the main screen simultaneously!

Gotris (Sega Master System)

Is this the only Master System game available on Evercade? It just might currently be! With one cartridge inserted, press L2, R2 and Select simultaneously to unlock this Go/Tetris mashup!

Maniac Square Prototype (Arcade/Prototype)

Select Maniac Square from the Gaelco Arcade 2 game selection menu – then hold L1, L2, R1 and R2 simultaneously to unlock a prototype version.

Are there more secrets?

There are – but the above is the currently complete list of actual games, whereas other secrets you may stumble upon are odd extras such as messages or pictures.

Have fun – and do let me know if you happen to find any other games hidden on your Evercade console!

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