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Review: Batman: The Telltale Series – The Enemy Within

I’m a big fan of the story-based games that the now defunct Telltale Games specialised in. They seemed to perfect the formula with The Walking Dead in 2012, after a few years where they couldn’t quite get the balance right between storytelling, puzzles and interactivity. As I found in the first Batman game – which was released in 2016, and […]

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Weekly Round-Up

When I first started Mid-Life Gamer Geek back in the now utopian beforetimes of *checks notes* 2019, my intention was to continue writing about gaming; video games, board games and perhaps tabletop RPGs here and there too. I didn’t have the confidence to branch out into other areas at first and believed that I lacked the knowledge and insight to […]

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Review: Batman: The Telltale Series

Following the remarkable commercial and critical success of the superb 2012 video game adaptation of The Walking Dead (based in the comic book universe rather than that of the TV show, though not following the main storyline or characters of either series), Telltale Games seemed to have settled on a winning formula, with games that featured stunningly dramatic narratives alongside […]