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Comic Book Review & Kickstarter Spotlight: Bigfoot Knows Karate #1: Hunter/Prey & Bigfoot Knows Karate #2: Born Under A Bad Sign

A very Zen, very articulate defender of the forests is the cryptid protagonist of Bigfoot Knows Karate from creators Dan Price and Casey Allen. As story setups go, this first […]

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Review: Poly Puzzle

Version Played: Switch – Available now (£4.49/$4.99) – Published by: Forever Entertainment There’s a huge amount of puzzle games available on the Switch. Plenty of them boast about how relaxing they are, but in my experience – with my brain often struggling to get to grips with most puzzlers – they can actually be pretty frustrating. Poly Puzzle is a […]

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Review: OmoTomO

Version Played: Switch – Out Now (£8.99/$9.99) – Published by: Forever Entertainment Puzzle games can go one of two ways for me; they’re either extremely frustrating or incredibly compelling. I’m pleased to report that OmoTomO falls into the latter category. A puzzle game featuring two snake-like plant creatures trying to make their way to the pots filled with water in […]