Version Played: Switch – Available now (£4.49/$4.99) – Published by: Forever Entertainment

There’s a huge amount of puzzle games available on the Switch. Plenty of them boast about how relaxing they are, but in my experience – with my brain often struggling to get to grips with most puzzlers – they can actually be pretty frustrating.

Poly Puzzle is a generally very chilled out experience, however, and one that’s pleasing in an audiovisual sense as well as mechanically.

Upon starting a Poly Puzzle stage, you’re presented with a mess of polygons; your task is to move them around until they create a 3D model, at which point the stage clears and you score a star rating based on how long it took you to solve the puzzle.

You’re eased in gently with a tutorial that shows you exactly how to complete the first few puzzles, which all require you to simply turn the shapes in one direction. Once you’re left on your own, however, the real challenge becomes apparent; it’s not always easy to spot what the polygons are going to end up being or what orientation you should be aiming for, so solving a puzzle can sometimes involve a bit of trial and error. It’s perfectly possible to accidentally solve the puzzle too, given that you may be turning the model around and stumble upon the solution before you’ve even spotted what it should be.

However, Poly Puzzle is one of those titles that really can be as zen an experience as it promises. With a light and dark mode to play in, simple gameplay that allows anyone to just pick up and play it, as well as the beautiful visuals, chilled out music and satisfaction of putting the models together, it’s a game that I’d highly recommend checking out.

It’s pretty original in terms of the puzzle games available on the Switch and it’s priced reasonably too. Well worth checking out, especially given how stressful our current everyday lives are. Poly Puzzle is a lovely little game with a singular focus; though it only does one thing, it does it very well indeed.

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