I was in my early 20s when I rediscovered the joy of board games. One of the best side effects of that was that it also reignited my passion for writing. Without having had my interest in board games back, it’s unlikely that I would be here, writing this right now.

At first, it was a bit bewildering. I made a number of missteps; the first game that really captured my attention was Zombies!!! by Twilight Creations; once the novelty of playing it wore off, however, I found it to be a shallow and frustratingly random experience, with turns dictated almost solely by the luck of the dice.

Thanks to finding Board Game Geek online – which is still, nearly 20 years after I first found it, the absolute best resource for board gaming that you can find – I was soon introduced to the wonders of Euro Games. Euro Games were games that usually came out of Germany, which had always had a thriving board game scene.

Euro Games were – and still are – known for being more reliant on strategy than the luck of the dice. Though dice can – and do – often make an appearance, but they’re not the central focus of the more traditional roll-and-move games such as Monopoly that everyone associates with board games.

They’re also known for having multiple paths to victory, a lack of player elimination (ensuring that everyone playing is involved right until the end of the game) and a more manageable playing time than games such as Risk or Monopoly.

They’re far more social experiences that can be enjoyed in an evening, without anyone getting frustrated at being knocked out of the game or becoming bored at games dragging on interminably for hours, with no end in sight.

The final common element they’re known for is a prominent credit for the game’s designer – many of whom are celebrities in their own right.

Euro Games are no longer just found emerging from Germany, of course; their influence has spread globally in the last twenty years or more. Though roll and move games – and heavier, more American-style games – do still exist, the most welcoming and accessible games are the Euro-style board and card games.

At some point, I’ll be covering board games on the blog. I thought it’d be a cool idea to give you a bit of a primer on games and why I find them so appealing, dear reader. I hope to see you here again soon.

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