So the Sonic movie trailer dropped yesterday and my reaction is as follows:

Wow. Really?

I know we all made fun of the leaked character design a while back. There were still people who held on to the hope that maybe, just maybe that wasn’t a final design or that the look of the character in motion would redeem its bizarrely humanoid shape and features.

That’s not the only issue with the speedy blue protagonist, however. Though potentially there could be more to do in polishing the effects work, it really does look like awful, cheap, third-rate CGI at this stage. Embarrassingly bad quality, which is really unfortunate. I know that Detective Pikachu’s furry or more realistic rendering of Pokémon have their detractors, but for the most part the CGI does at least look as if it’s been well implemented. That’s definitely not the case for Sonic.

Then there’s Jim Carrey, doing his best to out-Jim Carrey himself in a role that he could well have played in exactly the same way around 20 years ago. The sole addition to his acting in this movie seems to be a moustache, though we get a very brief look at a more game-accurate Robotnik/Eggman at the very end of the trailer.

Let’s not even get started on the mind-boggling musical choice of Gangsta’s Paradise; the only reason I can think of for this to have been included is because, well…it’s from the 90s and so is Sonic? It’s not the most uptempo song, nor is there any other relevance to it being included from what I can gather.

It’s been pointed out that even Sega themselves have repeatedly mishandled Sonic in the last twenty years or so and while that’s true, even the times when the games have been truly disastrous there’s never been anything that’s looked and felt this bad.

I could be wrong. The internet could be wrong. The trailer could just have been poorly put together. We might have a genuinely enjoyable film when it releases.

Somehow, I doubt it. I’d be happy if I was proven wrong on this, however.

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