Though I’ve not managed to get very far at this stage, The Mystery of Woolley Mountain has me in its grasp.

A point and click adventure in the vein of the classic LucasArts games, The Mystery of Woolley Mountain sees players in charge of a ragtag band of adventurous scientists, aiming to rescue a group of kidnapped children from an evil witch on the eponymous mountain.

A few things have really struck me so far: firstly, it’s all so very British. To elaborate on that a bit, the voice acting – for starters – comes with a wide range of British accents, giving it an old-fashioned TV series feel almost immediately. More than that though, the humour in the dialogue, text and even in the visual gags and references dotted around the various screens is all lovingly peppered with sometimes obscure, very specific pop culture references that are likely to only make sense to Brits of a certain age.

The above screenshot, for example, shows a scene that immediately called to mind – or to my mind, at least – a little-remembered kids game show from the 80s: The Adventure Game (below).

It’s details like this that give The Mystery of Woolley Mountain a huge amount of charm and character; early in the game, there’s the opportunity to use a ZX Spectrum computer, which even simulates a game loading – though, thankfully, this doesn’t simulate the amount of time it would have taken a game to load on the actual Spectrum!

I’m looking forward to progressing further into the game and seeing where it goes; not to mention how many more brilliantly interwoven, obscure references I can find that will really make me feel old!

Thanks to Huey Games ( and Indie Gamer Chick ( for the game code, which was provided as part of the #IndieSelect and #KickstarterSelect initiative via Twitter.

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