Just a few days after I took a look at Thief Simulator, my attention has been drawn to a similar looking game that’s due for release next year on PC (with consoles to ‘likely’ follow, according to the press release) – Repo Man.

Instead of criminal removal of property, however, Repo Man sees the player cast in the role of a debt collector whose primary objective seems to be removal of assets by any means necessary.

As Mateusz Zawadski, the CEO of Ultimate Games SA – Repo Man‘s publisher – says in the press release: “This production will allow us to know better the world of a debt collector, i.e. an industry veiled in certain intrigue and sometimes also with a bad name. What is important, Repo Man presents a serious approach to the subject. There are lots of moral and ethical decisions to be made and some situations may be really difficult for players.”

Though that’s an admirable stance, given the delicate nature of the subject matter it does remain to be seen how sensitively handled it’ll be. It’s a pretty tasteless premise and I suspect that many players are, in all likelihood in the current climate, experiencing debt problems themselves – I imagine the very last thing players want is a reminder of the very real issues they’re facing on a day to day basis, especially from the point of view of someone who seems to be brutally enforcing debt collection.

From the combat shown in the screenshots and trailer, I’m unconvinced at this stage that we’re going to see a nuanced or morally troubling game emerge when Repo Man releases in 2020. However, there’s plenty of development time to rectify this – if indeed, it even needs rectifying. Who knows – perhaps this nuance is already baked into the game, as it could just be that the most punchy (excuse the pun) gameplay is shown in the recently released media.

So, an unusual concept and one that has potential to be incredibly controversial, albeit in a manner that’s different to the normal controversies we expect from video games. Definitely one to keep an eye on as the 2020 release approaches, at the very least.

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