This is really just an expanded version of today’s thank you Tweet; my mind has been blown by the fact that I’ve reached 3000 followers since I joined Twitter.

I created my Twitter account in February – on the 15th, to be precise – as I wanted to be part of the gaming community on social media. I’d been scared of doing so for a very long time, mostly because I feared that it’d be a toxic, negative community.

I’m so glad to report that I’ve simply not found it to be that way at all. My timeline is, perhaps by design due to the people I’ve chosen to follow back, a positive, encouraging and inclusive one – and I’m always interacting with some absolutely fantastic, very passionate and engaging people on a daily basis.

I seem to have reached the 3000 follower milestone in a very short space of time and I’m so happy that so many people actually want to follow me and even that they may be interested in what I say, write and play.

So, as I mentioned in my tweet, I really do appreciate every single follower I have. I love interacting with people and I really enjoy getting to know everyone. I still struggle with anxiety, self-esteem and general issues with my confidence, but being part of such a wonderful community has really helped me in all of those areas. They aren’t entirely gone, of course, but here I am on the 53rd consecutive day of posting content to my blog, when previously I lacked the confidence to get any writing out in public – so it’s clear that I’m making progress.

I must apologise for being a bit of a broken record, but the Avengers: Endgame quote, which has become quite the meme in the last few months, is entirely, coincidentally appropriate:

I love you 3000.

If you’ve enjoyed reading this – or any of my other content – it’d be much appreciated if you’re able to share this article via social media. I’d also be forever grateful if you’re able to support me via: – which would assist me in writing even more content just like this. Above all else though, thanks for reading – I truly appreciate it!


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