Out now – Version Played: Switch (£12.99/$15)

Let’s get one thing out of the way: Electronic Super Joy is nuts. Each of its four different modes of platform-based jumping, stomping gameplay has a surreal and nonsensical but hilarious story; the first of which is the quest for revenge – after your butt is lost. Yes, you read that right: your butt.

It’s all very off kilter and part of the game’s charm. It’s lucky it has charm, too – because it’s a punishingly tough platformer with an almost dizzying array of ideas and challenges.

There’s a great sense of audiovisual synergy at play too, with a pumping, bass-heavy electronic soundtrack and brilliantly stylised, simple 2D visuals. Despite the difficulty, the reactive soundtrack, somewhat sexually-charged sound effects and excellent gameplay does keep you coming back for more.

Just don’t expect an easy ride. If you’re prepared to put up with the stiff challenge, Electronic Super Joy is a pretty cool experience; a lovingly crafted, visually distinctive game with loads of content to play through – if you can ‘git gud’ enough to unlock it.

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