Version Played: Switch – Price: $7.99/£TBC

I first played and reviewed Depixtion last year, albeit on PC. I’m pleased to say that it’s as good on Switch as it was on PC, if not better due to the ability to play it on the move.

For those of you who haven’t heard of Depixtion, it’s essentially a Picross-style puzzle game, in which an empty grid is completed by the player, using only sequences of numbers on each row of cells to work out which cells need to be filled in.

The twist here – in comparison to the usual nonogram puzzles seen in the aforementioned Picross – is that pictures are built up using layers of different colours. It’s a welcome change to the usual formula and gives the game a fresh feel, despite the number of nonogram-based puzzlers already available on Switch.

Even if you’re a complete nonogram novice, the tutorial is incredibly helpful and will get you up and running in no time.

I often see people describing puzzle games as relaxing, but I find them quite stressful and frustrating most of the time. However, there’s something incredibly chilled out and satisfying about the puzzles in Depixtion, even as they become gradually more difficult and complex. The music is wonderfully laid back, which is a big factor; it’s a lovely little game to get into with little time pressure to cause stress or anxiety.

It’s worth mentioning that playing Depixtion on the go is a brilliant experience, which – along with its appealingly colourful presentation – more than justifies its appearance on Switch. The controls have been really well implemented too; this is most certainly not a lazy port of the sort we often see.

It’s a great version of an already brilliant game then; well worth checking out if you’re looking for a relaxing, gently thoughtful experience for your Switch.

Note: DevHour Games provided me with a game code for review purposes.

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