Available on itch.io (works in browser and on mobile)

There’s nothing groundbreaking or revolutionary about Stars Rush. It’s a cute little game – that’ll work in your browser or just as well on your phone using touchscreen controls – in which you’re an alien collecting stars and power ups while avoiding fast moving debris and defeating the occasional boss.

The aim of the game is to collect 1000 stars, but with the pace increasing rapidly as your score climbs towards four figures, it’s certainly quite a challenge. There’s three characters to unlock including a nifty, Predator-esque skin for your little alien guy and it’s got a nicely chilled out soundtrack too. Aside from the aforementioned (and pictured) Predator, one of the power ups also references another famous sci fi movie franchise.

It’s definitely an enjoyable little experience that’ll keep your attention for a few minutes at a time every now and then – and as it’s free, with no predatory (pun not intended) microtransactions, it’s definitely worth a go. It’s just a fun diversion that isn’t trying to be anything more – and there’s no harm in that at all.

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