Here we are, supposedly just a few months away from the launch of PS5 and Xbox One Series X – yet there’s still no indication of what price they’re going to launch at or any similar details for the games that will be accompanying each console’s launch.

I’ve never known anything like this in my 40ish years of gaming; usually, details such as price are known pretty far in advance to allow consumers time to budget for their release – and with this year being incredibly challenging for many people from a financial point of view due to the ongoing pandemic, it’s difficult to see what Sony and Microsoft hope to gain from holding onto the details until this close to release.

Of course, we know why they’re doing it. Each company is afraid that they’ll make the first move only to be undercut (Sony’s infamous, immediate $100 undercutting of the Saturn springs to mind) – but it’s a shame, and perhaps very telling, that neither has the faith in the strength of their product to carry whatever value they choose to put on it.

For now though, consumers must simply wait and see. It’s far from ideal – and doesn’t inspire any confidence in the next gen machines – but at this stage, we have no choice. With little reason to upgrade right now anyway – and finances being tight for many of us – the platform holders may well find their turtling tactics more harmful than helpful in the short term.

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