Despite the intriguing reveal from the end of the first episode, it’s straight back into the comfortingly familiar 1950s monochromatic, white picket fenced sitcom setting for the second episode of WandaVision.

This time, there’s an animated title sequence that again recalls some classics of the mid-20th century sitcom – the particular show called to mind for me was the magical housewife comedy Bewitched. It’s a great start to lead us into the next part of the story.

As with the first episode, plenty of tropes from those old classics are used to great effect and there’s some nice meta touches to the dialogue too.

The plot this time focuses on Vision and Wanda trying to utilise the neighbourhood watch to dampen their paranoia about their own safety, along preparing to put on a magic show for their new neighbours. Things go gently awry and there’s canned laughter aplenty as they seek to cover up their true super-powered nature. There’s more brief animated sequences sprinkled throughout the show too; these are a great touch.

Along the way, there’s little flashes of colour, the couple’s perfect sitcom fantasyland very gradually starting to crack – no doubt leading us toward an eventual reveal as to just what is really going on. Another fake ad for a familiar sounding company (though anyone other than die hard fans may need to investigate this one, unlike the first episode’s Stark Industries reference) also appears during the faux commercial break, perhaps giving us further clues as to the ‘real world’ explanation for the sitcom setting.

Much like the first episode, it’s a beautifully constructed show with a clear eye for detail in terms of the shows that it’s satirising – and we’ve got ourselves a genuinely intriguing mystery to unravel at the same time that we’re being amused by Wanda and Vision’s sweetly old fashioned attempts to fit in with the inhabitants of their seemingly innocent little suburban neighbourhood. It’s a truly unique part of the MCU at this point – though I’m very keen to peel back the layers and see what’s truly going on, I’m also truly enjoying the pastiche of sitcoms from a more innocent time. Part of me may well be disappointed when we go back to the more traditional MCU-style shenanigans, but one thing’s for sure: it’s going to be a lot of fun getting there.

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