Sea of Thieves Vol. 1

Regular readers of my blog will know of my ever so slight obsession with Rare’s Xbox/PC open world multiplayer pirate game, Sea of Thieves. In fact, in the closing months of 2020, I became so smitten with the game’s unique charm that it became my favourite game of last year. I even took my love for the game onto the tabletop, with the wonderfully beginner-friendly Sea of Thieves Roleplaying Game.

So it should be no surprise at all that I’d eventually find my way to Titan’s Sea of Thieves comics, which cover a tale featuring famous pirates who you may well encounter during the course of playing the video game. The story of the Singh siblings and their crew, it sees the brother and sister each racing to be the first to discover their late father’s treasure – located on an island somewhere in the mythical, eponymous sea.

The series moves at a cracking pace, wasting no time at all to set the scene with plenty of piratey action. The diverse, competing crews headed by the siblings begin their journey in the real world, before they set sail for the Sea of Thieves – which means we get to see them battling their way through the Devil’s Shroud and into the more familiar surroundings of the game’s world. Along the way, plenty of locations familiar to players are featured, such as Sanctuary Outpost and islands such as Discovery Ridge.

Other elements familiar from the video game pop up too – skeleton pirates, Gold Hoarders, the Order of Souls, riddles leading to treasure that trigger further clues upon reaching checkpoints and even the art of eating a banana whole without peeling it. Mention is made of the Ferry of the Damned too; it’s clear that a lot of effort has gone into incorporating the game’s unique feel and even the mechanics of its puzzles and exploration.

Sea of Thieves Vol. 1

It’s surprisingly violent at times, with one or two shocking developments along the way to its somewhat inconclusive ending, which is clearly left wide open for a second series. The art is appealingly colourful and there’s a great sense of the same diversity among characters that you’ll see within the game, as well as some interesting rendering of the game’s more unique, lore-driven inhabitants, such as the skeletons and Gold Hoarders.

Though it can feel a little busy, with perhaps too much of the game being shoehorned into the story and making it feel a little unfocused at the expense of introducing readers to how the world of the video game works, it’s still a lot of fun – but with it ending so abruptly (and just as it feels like it’s kicking into top gear, story-wise), it can’t help but feel a little incomplete. There is, however, a nice set of character profiles included and a showcase of the fantastic alternate covers for each issue, showcasing the work of other artists and their take on Rare’s cheerfully cartoony pirate saga. It’d be great to see the adventures continue beyond this first series, but with the collected volume one having been released in 2018 and with no further news, it would seem that that particular ship (ahem) may well have sailed.

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