“What is grief, if not love persevering?”

Screenwriters across social media erupted either in applause or fits of jealousy at Vision’s insight in last week’s episode, one which I didn’t want to spoil in my review. It was an absolutely perfect line, delivered brilliantly by Paul Bettany. As the season comes to a close, it’s the smaller moments like these that I’ll miss the most.

The final episode has an awful lot of action, which last week’s episode built to; there was always going to be an epic, superpowered showdown of course. It’s a shame after such a wonderfully leftfield, often very meta setup over the course of the show’s duration that the climax can feel a little too much like a standard CGI-stuffed comic book fight, but it’s all impressively staged and isn’t without some seriously dramatic moments – and not just for our newly christened Scarlet Witch either.

The Pietro reveal has been a bit of a disappointment given the fan theories that surfaced when he turned up (and surely everyone was thinking the same thing – except, evidently, the writers of the show), but aside from that there’s little of note that I felt was mishandled. The post-showdown climax is handled beautifully and with the heart and soul of the show thus far on full display. Wanda and Vision’s relationship has been beautiful to see again – and in much more depth than the MCU movies were able to go into. The emotional beats of the climax are handled extremely well and in a way that feels earned, rather than manipulative. Though I wished we could have held onto the sitcom pastiche format for a lot longer, no doubt there’s a lesson to be learned from the show itself about the dangers of nostalgia and holding too tightly onto a past that no longer exists.

There’s some very intriguing setup for the future of the MCU here too, with not one but two post-climax scenes that are very easy to miss if you’re not au fait with Marvel’s trickery by now. The seeds of Wanda’s future in the MCU have been brilliantly sown over the course of a show that was a lot better than anyone expected. Hopes are high now for the more conventional action of The Falcon & The Winter Soldier, coming later this month – though the kooky tone and off-kilter style of WandaVision feels like it might be a one-off, I’m hoping that Marvel see how it captured the imagination of its audience and take some more risks, with more adventures outside the more traditional confines of the MCU.

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