I’m an absolute sucker for nostalgia. It doesn’t always pay off, but sometimes something as simple as a classically styled comic book cover or the return of a creative team from decades ago is enough to get me to pick up a comic.

The second of this week’s nostalgia hits, following the very old school She-Hulk #1, I couldn’t resist picking up the first issue of Silver Surfer Rebirth, based on that glorious cover and the fact that Ron Marz and Ron Lim, who were writing/illustrating Norton Radd’s (aka the Silver Surfer) adventures during an excellent early 90s run, which I happened to be reading on a monthly basis at the time. Thanos, the Infinity Gems and plenty of associated cosmic characters featured heavily – and it looks like the creators are going back to familiar territory in Rebirth. Interestingly, Rebirth is even set during that fondly remembered run.

During a fraught rescue, Radd assists Legacy – the son of his late friend, Mar-Vell, aka Captain Marvel – with ensuring that a Kree vessel isn’t dragged to its doom. Post-rescue – while the two are discussing Mar-Vell – something odd happens…and Mar-Vell himself returns, with Legacy nowhere to be found. Who, or what is responsible?

From the set-up to the rather lofty way in which Radd talks – even referring to himself in the third person – it’s a defiantly old school comic. That’s not a complaint though; after all, it’s what we signed up for, right? One complaint I do have, however, is that far too much is revealed in the comic’s blurb, which ruins some of the mystery set up in this first issue. It’s a shame to see the clarity of storytelling and deliberate pacing ruined by an overzealous Marvel marketing department, though as long as you go into this issue without reading it.

Let’s just say that some of the familiar aspects of Marz and Lim’s beloved run are definitely making their presence felt here – and it’s more than welcome. This first issue of Silver Surfer Rebirth is a fun ride: simple but well-crafted, cosmic fun.

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