Pursued by the deadly, relentless Snowman, Milliken and Mae are separated in a last ditch attempt to survive. Who is the Snowman, though? And who is really pulling his strings? Is it just the other, unfriendly Survivors out there – or is there yet more to discover for the young girls?

It’s the ‘Lost’ effect, I think. Drag your audience on too long without answers, piling even more mysteries on top of those already presented, and the whole story starts to become less interesting, rather than more so. Unfortunately, it seems that’s what’s finally happening with Snow Angels.

Though I mentioned being quite frustrated with the last issue’s continued refusal to answer even basic questions while still flinging even more into the mix, this issue does the same thing but feels less annoying for some reason. Perhaps it’s the quick glimpse we get of those who may be directing the Snowman; maybe just the fine character work that allows us a bit more of an insight into the minds of the young siblings.

Either way, despite still feeling far too much like endless teasing and no payoff – of stories such as Lost – Snow Angels has somehow re-engaged me, though Jeff Lemire and Jock are going to need to pull some major rabbits out of hats to get things wrapped up neatly by the end of the comic’s run.

Especially as the comic only has a few issues left. Though I began the series a convert to the brilliantly realised, original and visually stunning story, world and characters, I’m starting to feel as if it can’t quite deliver, which is a shame. Lemire and Jock do still have time to get back on track, however. Let’s see if they can manage it.

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