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Quality Wrestling - Pro Wrestling Many

Have you ever got into a hobby, tried to involve yourself in an entirely new activity or even turned up to a new job wishing there was much more you knew before you started? We’ve all been there, right?

When it comes to the sometimes insular world of professional wrestling – at least, behind the scenes and away from the spectacular action that takes place in front of the audience – it can be even more difficult to know where to start if you want to get involved and progress as a wrestler yourself.

Thankfully, brothers Rishi and Rajah Ghosh are on hand to offer helpful, no nonsense advice in the form of their book, the Quality Wrestling Pro Wrestling Manual Volume 1. The books covers an awful lot of ground in presenting aspiring wrestlers with tips and advice; not just on how to get started, but how to make best use of any opportunities that come your way when you do make your first steps into the world of wrestling.

Between them, Rishi and Rajah Ghosh have over 40 years of professional wrestling experience, having performed for numerous top promotions alongside some very familiar names in the industry. They run the Quality Wrestling Academy in Hampshire, England – where they train diverse groups of wrestlers of all ages, ability and levels of experience.

This first book – labelled as Volume 1, with a mention that information on cutting promos could easily fill a second volume – contains an incredible amount of useful information for anyone looking to break into the industry; it’s written in a style that’s easy to absorb, as well as not feeling overwhelming, despite the range of topics it covers.

Much of the advice is common sense, but of course we all know that the funny thing with common sense is that, well – it isn’t all that common. So along with the insight into some wrestling terminology – much of which is likely to be familiar to wrestling fans already, but it’s a handy guide nonetheless – there’s general advice about show etiquette, match preparation and even tips on personal hygiene and keeping your gear clean. The latter few points of which should be common sense of course, but I’m sure we’ve all been at ‘normal’ jobs where some people would have benefitted from a little advice on personal hygiene and general cleanliness!

It’s really straightforward – there was only one term that I had to Google (being a frequent gym goer, I really should have known what DOMS meant!), which isn’t bad going at all – as well as being an informative and even engaging read. Even better is the fact that the advice is pretty universal too. No matter where you are in the world, if you want to be a wrestler, the advice here should be pretty invaluable wherever you’re based – and it’s likely that there’s an awful lot here that you won’t necessarily have thought about before you start your journey, or even if you have just begun training.

What the book doesn’t do is give you any insight into how to safely perform moves, sequences or anything physical beyond general advice on keeping yourself in good shape for performing, though in fairness it doesn’t claim to. For that sort of thing, there’s no substitute for practical, in-person training – but just as the advice in the book is universal, no matter where you are in the world, you’re likely to be able to find yourself a local wrestling academy to learn those skills.

If you’ve ever had aspirations of being a wrestler, no matter your age or ability, I’d highly recommend checking out Quality Wrestling’s Pro Wrestling Manual Volume 1: Becoming a Pro Wrestler. It’ll hopefully give you a bit of confidence to check out a local Academy and try wrestling out for yourself, as well as the vital knowledge to help you get ahead when you progress.

Quality Wrestling is based in Havant, Hampshire,  England. Rishi and Rajah Ghosh run multiple training sessions weekly and pride themselves on fun, safe lessons that are welcoming to everyone, no matter their age, ability or experience. You can check out their website here.

Disclaimer: Quality Wrestling provided me with a copy of their book for review purposes. You can purchase a copy yourself at this link.

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