It’s almost unbelievable that IDW have only been publishing Sonic the Hedgehog comics since 2018, having acquired the license to do so in 2017. Archie Comics had the Sonic comic license prior to IDW – and, with the series lasting between 1993 to 2017, it was the longest running licensed comic of all time.

IDW, however, have really not missed a step in making the series their own. Ian Flynn, who wrote Sonic comics as of issue 160 of the Archie series, has taken on writing duties for IDW and a rotating cast of artists have ensured that it’s a fun, fast paced and exciting read since the switch in publishers.

This 30th Anniversary – celebrating the 1991 debut of Sonic’s first video game – gives us a look at a more classic version of Sonic, rather than the more modern iteration of the character that contemporary readers and gamers will be used to.

Four stories are featured, with the main one – Seasons of Chaos – being a fantastic showcase of Sonic’s world and a vast number of characters, good and bad, who exist within it. Friends and foes alike team up to take down a big threat, who’s collecting the Chaos Emeralds for (naturally) nefarious purposes.

Next up is Sonic Learns to Drive – and if you’re wondering why Sonic would need or want to learn how to drive a car, given his on-foot speed…well, don’t worry. All is revealed in these pages!

Dr. Eggman’s Birthday is a surprisingly cute and charming short story and finally there’s Amy’s New Hobby, in which fan favourite character Amy Rose reveals a hidden talent, which the other heroes seem to really appreciate.

A neat little peek of script-to-finished-comic feature is also present, as is an interview with writer Ian Flynn. Lastly, a gorgeous art gallery is also included.

It’s a brilliant celebration of the blue blur and his friends (and enemies!), with pacy, entertaining writing and some real charm within its four stories. The art is phenomenal throughout, with plenty of side views that echo the classic 2D platformers – albeit in beautifully hand drawn, boldly colourful style.

Fans couldn’t really ask for a better 30th Anniversary comic book tribute to Sonic – it’s not just a great birthday celebration, but also a great way to demonstrate why Sonic and his richly drawn world and cast remain so appealing after so long. Though initially thought of as simply a rival to Nintendo’s flagship Mario games (and kicking off a fad for mascot led platformers in the process), Sonic has clearly grown into so much more than that and stands proudly on his own two feet.

Though his video games have been pretty inconsistent over the years, the comics featuring Sonic have generally maintained a really high level of quality and IDW have been a wonderful custodian for the Hedgehog. Long may it continue!

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