With the war won and Dr. Eggman’s forces seemingly scattered and dwindling, Sonic spent the first volume mopping up Badniks with a rotating cast of allies as he journeyed across his world.

Yet by the end of the opening story arc, it was apparent that someone was helping the Badniks to co-ordinate, perhaps even directing their attacks. Could Dr. Eggman have still been in charge after all? Volume one’s cliffhanger would seem to suggest that yes, Eggman was indeed back – but as we see over the course of volume two, the truth is perhaps not as straightforward as it seems.

This second volume of IDW’s Sonic saga continues to develop the main story while still managing to do some pretty deep dives into Sonic lore and introduce readers – and perhaps re-introduce long term fans – to plenty of the anthropomorphic inhabitants of Sonic’s world, on both sides of the war.

It’s another really fun volume that totally nails the aesthetic and fun, fast-paced storylines that the Sonic games are known for. The artwork feels impressively dynamic and kinetic, with the writing doing a great job of managing the growing cast. The central mystery is well handled and the reveal – coming towards the end of the story arc – is nicely done too.

Though the movies have actually done a pretty good job of bringing Sonic into live action, there’s still a bit of disappointment that we can’t just have a purely non-Earth adventure; these comics prove just how entertaining and action packed Sonic could be without that unnecessary human element that’s shoehorned into the movies.

I’ve never been the biggest fan of Sonic’s video game oeuvre, but the IDW run so far has definitely been a satisfyingly light-hearted and genuinely fun read that – as someone who wouldn’t necessarily consider themselves a Sonic fan – I can highly recommend. It’s suitable for all ages too, which is a bonus.

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  1. I’ve heard the IDW comics were good, yeah. Never really read the Archie stuff that was published in the US (the longest-running single comic series ever I’ve heard? Impressive even if it had some real lows.)

    I was always much more of a game fan, though I really dropped that after the Dreamcast games. The old 90s 2D style of Sonic has always been my favorite. If Sega cared about us at all, they’d give us Sonic Mania 2, but since they don’t, it’s no surprise that doesn’t exist. But that first live-action movie was pretty good, and I need to watch the sequel.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah they’re really fun – and I’m definitely not a die hard fan or anything.

      Yep – the Archie Sonic comic series was the longest running licensed comic ever, which is crazy when you think about all of the licensed comics there’s ever been!

      Definitely a 2D Sonic guy myself too and enjoyed the first film. Like you, I’ve yet to get around to seeing the second!

      Liked by 1 person

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