There’s a lot of really good intentions at the heart of Astronomical Club for Queers, but it just falls slightly short of being a game I’d recommend.

The main character is a transgender civet (a cat/raccoon-esque Asian/African animal) named Louie, whose family home has been badly affected by terrible floods.

This has led Louie to temporarily live with his friend Oliver, who just happens to be a gay fox. Both Louie and Oliver are part of the Astronomical Club for Queers, which has two other members: lesbian dog Kylie, pansexual alligator Miles and asexual cat Darwin.

Though billed as an adventure game, the entire experience is so short that you’ll be done with it in minutes; though you can replay it to see the outcome of a few different dialogue options, going through it again offers little difference and doesn’t extend the experience.

There’s a lovely opportunity to stargaze through a telescope during the single scene of the game, but even this is fairly light in terms of the content provided.

Despite its brave, proud title, if you hadn’t read the blurb above – which is furnished with details gleaned from the game’s eShop description – you’re not likely to have any clue that Louie is trans, or that Darwin is asexual – nor even much of an indication of how any of the other characters identify.

It’s too short an experience to delve into any of that and while that in itself is commendable, as it doesn’t make a fuss about how the diverse cast identifies themselves, it’s still a disappointment that it’s not addressed at all, given the game’s title and store description.

There’s also a really odd part towards the very end where everything just freezes before the final scene loads, which happened every time I played.

It is very sweet, good natured and well meaning, but it’s far too brief to be a game that I’d recommend seeking out, unfortunately.

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