Darkyloseid must be stopped – and finally, the Jurassic League are together. Can he be stopped – or will Earth fall to his might?

Given how up and down DC vs Vampires – another high concept, continuity free tale – was in terms of quality, I think I expected Jurassic League to drop the ball in its climax.

Thankfully, that doesn’t happen here at all; this is a thrilling, genuinely enjoyable final issue.

Naturally, it leans on a famous – infamous, perhaps – 90s storyline for some of its story beats, but knowing what’s to come and seeing it play out in a prehistoric milieu doesn’t hurt it at all.

There was one wacky reference to Luc Besson’s Leon/The Professional which I really enjoyed (and which may go over the heads of many readers), but that aside I didn’t spot any other sneaky callbacks or cheeky puns.

This series was a huge amount of fun from start to finish – and I hope we haven’t seen the last of the prehistoric superheroes that make up the Jurassic League.

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