The beauty of having my own website is that I can write about anything I want – whatever captures my attention, or seems like worthy subject matter for a post is fair game.

So if I want to write about a decade old physics-based game, which went somewhat viral upon release – thanks to each character sporting a hilariously dangly, very long (albeit covered up) – penis, then why not?

Though it’s said that curiosity killed the cat, in the instance of Mount Your Friends, that curiosity about its ever so slightly NSFW content is repaid with a surprisingly compelling and genuinely fun experience.

The main mode sees players creating a tower of muscly men in budgie smugglers, barely able to conceal the wobbly dongs they contain.

Get a guy to stand on the starting goat (yes, a goat) in such a way that at least one part of him extends past a goal line, then freeze him – and repeat, stacking men as you go, until you fail to get a dude to the goal line in the time limit.

This is achieved by controlling each limb, each one assigned to a different button, using the stick to move each arm or leg and stick them to the floor, the goat or your stacked guys as you go.

At first, you’re just playing to marvel at the endlessly swinging appendages – it’s genuinely hilarious.

Yet you’re soon drawn in by the gameplay, with each guy given a randomly generated name and appearance – you’ll be egging on your next competitor, as will any onlookers, on their quest to scale the many penised tower of manliness.

Despite the distracting dicks, Mount Your Friends is actually pretty good natured, completely harmless fun.

The sound effects are hilariously melodramatic, featuring lots of grunts and groans as your guys climb the ever more treacherous tower – and somehow, the soundtrack is phenomenal too.

Mount Your Friends offers several brilliant multiplayer modes too. Though your IRL friends may at first be tempted into playing by gawping at wobbly willies, they’ll soon be much more drawn in by the ultra competitive multiplayer modes on offer.

There’s even a surprisingly robust man creator – and yes, you can customise their penises too.

Though Mount Your Friends was followed by a 3D sequel in 2018, the novelty of digital ding-dongs had probably worn off by then; it definitely doesn’t seem to have made the same impact among curious, fun loving gamers that the original game did.

In any case, despite its apparent crudeness, I’d highly recommend checking out Mount Your Friends. It’s a genuinely fun experience, especially if you can rope a few willing participants in – together you can create a tower of muscly men, packing some serious heat.

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