Mini-series and spin-offs featuring Spider-People from across the multiverse are nothing new, of course – but, with a new Spider-Verse movie on the way, naturally it’s time for Marvel to shine a spotlight on some of their kookier and spookier Spiders.

In this first issue of a new Edge of Spider-Verse mini-series, we first catch up with Spider-Rex, the prehistoric Tyrannosaurus version of Peter Parker. It’s not bad – the art is phenomenal and some of the character designs, particularly the venomized dinosaur, are fantastic – but it’s overly reliant on puns and silent Ps and Ts, to the extent that it becomes a bit of a slog to read.

It compares very poorly to the similarly themed DC series Jurassic League, which also traded heavily in puns, but wasn’t as reliant on them as this particular short story.

The second story – featuring Spider-Killer – is an almost Lovecraftian exercise in creepiness, which is effectively scary but a little indecipherable at times. It’s a good idea, but could have done with a little clarity in terms of its storytelling.

This first issue isn’t a complete disaster – I always enjoy seeing these wacky, alternate universe Spideys – but it is a bit disappointing overall, unfortunately.

There’s certainly no feeling that we’re witnessing the birth of a new star, as previous Spider-Verse titles have given us with characters such as Spider-Gwen and Spider-Punk.

Here’s hoping the next few issues are a bit more consistent and enjoyable.

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