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Tag: Shoot ’em Up

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Video Game Review: Asteroids: Recharged (Xbox Series X)

Atari’s classic arcade games are still iconic and instantly recognisable today, especially for old gamers like me. Though Atari haven’t done a huge amount of exciting things with their back […]

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Review: Binarystar Infinity

Available now on Switch and PC (Switch version tested) – Published by Forever Entertainment With a very distinctive, Downwell-esque ‘1-bit’ graphical sheen, horizontal shoot ’em up Binarystar Infinity certainly has […]

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First Impressions: Neon Abyss

Though the number of indie games that have roguelite elements or structures seems to be increasing exponentially, there are certain elements that make these elements really appealing, both from the designer’s and player’s perspective. Chief among these is the procedural generation, which usually helps to keep things feeling suitably fresh, exciting and surprising when done right. The level of challenge […]