When I think back to the Turrican games – classic 90s run and gun titles that first made an impact on home computers before making their presence felt on numerous consoles – the first thing that comes to mind, even before the frantic, fast-paced action, amazing soundtrack and the Metroid-esque ability to turn into a deadly (and pretty agile) sphere, are the gorgeous, iconic in-game skies. Rendered in beautiful blues and shades of orange, they seared themselves into my memory as perfect examples of video game backdrops.

A new generation of gamers now have the chance to experience those sunny alien skies and intergalactic sunsets for themselves now, as two collections of Turrican games are now available for modern platforms.

Recently released on PS4 and Switch, the two anthologies each contain a variety of games and ports from the Turrican series.

Turrican Anthology Vol I contains the Amiga versions of Turrican and Turrican 2, as well as the SNES game Super Turrican and Super Turrican Director’s Cut. Additionally, the Mega Drive/Genesis Mega Turrican Score Attack is also included.

Turrican Anthology Vol II features the Amiga game Turrican 3, the full Mega Drive/Genesis title Mega Turrican, as well as Mega Turrican Director’s Cut and the SNES game Super Turrican 2. Finally, this second anthology also contains the Super Turrican Score Attack.

Each anthology also has a variety of quality of life improvements for each game to make them feel more accessible and modern: various map enhancements and extras, control options, rewind support, soundtrack options and even digital jukeboxes, among other features.

They’re both absolute treasure troves for Turrican fans and should even attract the attention of gamers who never got to experience them the first time around.

Turrican Anthology Vol I & Vol II are now available digitally for PS4 and Switch. Many thanks to PR Hound for providing me with a code for each volume for review purposes – a review will be live soon.

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