That went quickly! I’ve been trying to keep the momentum going and post every day; it’s not been easy so far but just posting something – anything, really – is great to at least ensure I keep in practice with my writing.

I’ve not had a great deal of feedback or views, but – just as I found when setting up and first using Twitter a few months ago – I’m hoping that things will organically grow as more and more content is added and shared.

I’ve been fortunate enough to be contacted by a number of video game developers and publishers, as well as a pretty high profile board game publisher, with them expressing an interest in me writing about their games. So more of that type of content, particularly where it may not be the best fit for the websites I write for, is likely to be incoming.

I look forward to having more of you along for the ride as my reach hopefully continues to expand!

If you’ve enjoyed reading this – or any of my other content – it’d be much appreciated if you’re able to share this article via social media. I’d also be forever grateful if you’re able to support me via: – which would assist me in writing even more content just like this. Above all else though, thanks for reading – I truly appreciate it!

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