Stacking and designing yummy looking cakes is the order of the day in GrimTalin’s Cake Laboratory. Fifty levels of cake-stacking goodness await – and players can even design their own delicious confections that go on to pop up in the game.

The game couldn’t be simpler; presented with an empty plate, players must drop cakes one at a time from the gloved contraption at the top of the screen, which moves from right to left until the button is pressed to drop them. Stack them precariously enough and the tower will fall – and players only have a limited number of chances until the stack is reset and the attempt at fulfilling the pre-specified number of layers must start again.

It’s a very simple, straightforward and easy game. It’s unlikely to test the skill of adults – the 50 levels don’t present a particularly tough challenge – but the bright colours, breezy music and tasty-looking cakes are sure to appeal to kids. Creating your own cakes is a fun (albeit very simple) diversion that is, again, most likely to be of appeal to younger players.

Despite the low difficulty level, Cake Laboratory is appealing even for experienced players, at least while it lasts. I was able to complete all 50 levels with three stars in a single gaming session; however, as mentioned above, it’ll be younger players that get the most value from Cake Laboratory.

There’s nothing wrong with that, of course; the Switch itself is a family friendly console and it’s great to see a game catering (pun intended) for a younger audience. Much like Rollin’ Eggz, another GrimTalin title that I’ve previously covered, Cake Laboratory hearkens back to classic games of skill and timing – and provides just enough of a challenge for kids to make progress without too much frustration.

(Thanks to GrimTalin for providing the code for review!)

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