Waves of the Atlantide – Available now on Steam (Early Access) – Link Here

I love Civilization-esque strategy games. Absolutely love being absorbed in them; the way that you just can’t seem to put them down – it always feels as if just one more turn will be enough. It never is, of course!

My problem – as is often my problem these days – is that I’m just no good at them. I’m always blindsided by what appears to me to be superhuman AI; I must spend thousands more years growing carrots in my two villages, while they’re busy fortifying their enormous cities and sending out their impressively huge armies to crush me under their bootheels the minute they get a sniff of my vegetable patch.

Which is a roundabout way of saying that I’ve played Waves of the Atlantide, and though I have had fun, I’ve not been able to get very far. None of that is the fault of the developer – nor does it reflect on the quality of the game.

I’m actually incredibly impressed with Waves of the Atlantide; somewhat unbelievably, it’s the work of a single developer. Yep, this technically impressive game – with an interesting and well implemented mechanic, that sees territory sink into the ocean a hex at a time – is the work of a single person.

So though I’m not very good at Waves of the Atlantide, I’m definitely impressed with it on a technical and mechanical level. I haven’t played anywhere near enough to give it a fair or more detailed review, but it’s a game I’m very much looking forward to getting to grips with, even if I’m never going to get any better. There’s a comprehensive and helpful tutorial; the game does go out of its way to be accessible and welcoming, even to useless strategic minds – such as mine.

If Civ-style strategy games are your thing, you should definitely check it out – it’s well worth a look. When I’ve had a chance to get further into the game, I’ll be sure to give it a much more comprehensive overview.

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  1. This one looks interesting, think I’d definitely need the tutorial to find my feet before diving in, but have enjoyed civ, c&c, total war games in the past and this could be a nice addition to the collection. Guess I’ll need to wait and see. Thanks mate for reviewing it 🙂

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