Dead in Vinland is a beautiful, lovingly crafted, turn-based survival/management game developed by CCCP that released on PC in 2018 to both critical and audience acclaim. The game further widened its audience when it released on Switch in July, with this console edition (known as the ‘True Viking Edition’) featuring all of the DLC that had previously released on PC.

The same developer is currently hard at work on a similarly gorgeous looking game named The Last Spell. Though I’m a little short of actual gameplay details, the press release for The Last Spell – a turn-based, tactical RPG with roguelite elements – already has my attention. Coming to PC and Mac next year (with a Switch version to follow), The Last Spell is set in a world in which a magical arms race has come close to destroying the world. A sort of magical armageddon is in motion, with a disastrous, apocalyptic spell causing an all-enveloping mist, filled with monsters, to cover the land. In order to save the world, one final spell is needed to eradicate magic altogether.

It’s an intriguing and original set-up for sure, with appealing, pixel art visuals and a soundtrack described as ‘fusing heavy metal with dark synth’ – which I’m completely on board with.

The press release features a quote from Matthieu Richez, the founder of development team CCCP Entertainment: “We love tactical RPGs, but sometimes they get bogged down by playing the waiting game. We designed the world of The Last Spell to thematically encourage desperate determination in the face of horrific odds.” This stated approach to keeping the game moving, when other games may opt for a more sedate pace, has most definitely piqued my interest.

It certainly sounds as if The Last Spell is on the right track and – with CCCP being responsible for the excellent Dead in Vinland – I’m very keen to keep an eye on the new game as launch approaches. I’m especially interested in checking out the Switch release; being able to enjoy a game of this nature on the go is likely to be a brilliantly absorbing experience.

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