Coming to PC in Q2/Q3 2020, Lost Viking: Kingdom of Women is an intriguing looking, third-person adventure/survival game with a unique and appealingly unusual visual aesthetic.

The main plot of the game concerns a group of Vikings who fall prey to warriors from the ‘Kingdom of Women’. Cast as lone Viking Ragnald, who is accompanied by his wolf, Raga, the player must find their way home to their family – with an extensive crafting system in place to help the player survive.

The press release mentions that you’ll need to take care of your lupine companion as well as yourself in order to stay alive; little else is revealed about the setting but it seems to be an intriguing mix of realism and medieval legends.

Though still quite a way off from release, the game already looks very promising; the Steam page can be found here if you’d like to take a close look yourself. Definitely one to keep an eye on as the release date approaches.

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